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11 September 2008

cheese sandwich (but not on my new couch)

And I just had to get it all out of my head...

Pimp My [actually, OUR] Living Room
On Labor Day, we bought a new living room set. A beautiful matching chocolate-colored set of furniture will replace the pink-and-teal splotchy couch-mare (a couch that is a nightmare, get it? haha), the woefully 80s white-and-blue floral sink-to-the-floor-if-you-sit-in-it loveseat, and the charming-but-creaky brown velour 1970s lounge chair. Bf likes plush furniture (such as La-z-boy), whereas I like clean lines (a la Scan Design, Ikea)...Do you see a problem here?

(Sources= Left: Scan Design, Right: La-Z-Boy)

A couple of problems arose with our stylistic differences. Obviously, Bf was going for comfort in his furniture choices. I like comfort too, of course, but I also want nice looking furniture... and our ideas on what nice-looking furniture is differ a little. I'm picky, in other words. And I really hate those big puffy tufted sofas. It's not just the way they look either - I honestly don't think that most of them are very comfortable. The tufted back feels lumpy to me and on many styles, I find the seat cushions too soft and the back cushions too firm. Bf doesn't want a sofa that feels like a slab of rock when he sits on it (of course, neither do I)... And unfortunately for me, the very few 'clean lines' sofas we found felt exactly this way. Hard, jagged, and uncomfortable. Certainly in a larger city we'd have more choices; there's not a yuppie-hipster furniture store within 300 miles of here. But we weren't going to ship anything, and what we could find locally was either excessively puffy, clean-lined but also free of padding/support, or what I like to think of as 'old person traditional' (leather, with little brass accents and gathering buttons, costing upwards of $5000+).

After looking over the course of several months, we were disappointed. We finally started narrowing it down though, becoming increasingly frustrated with our current motley crew of uncomfortable home furnishings. One of Bf's desires was a way to put his feet up (recliner), and La-Z-Boy is the way to go for that. So, we found one online that didn't look entirely bad, and we lucked out when they had a floor model of it in our local furniture store. (It was the 'Rex', if you are interested.) I wasn't entirely sold on it, however, so we kept wandering throughout the store.

I remembered a sofa I'd seen on the way in. We'd breezed right past it for a couple of reasons - one: we were on a mission to find the 'Rex', and two: it was bright red. But if you looked past the red, it was pretty good looking. Not the cleanest lines, but still quite modern. It had a tufted back cushion, but not a puffy one. I decided I liked it, bracing myself for disappointment as I sat down... but found upon sitting that I REALLY liked it. And so did Bf. Red is not our thing, but we found that we could custom-order it in brown. We did. We got the Broyhill Carrie sofa, the loveseat, and the chair with ottoman. To solve the reclining dilemma (this one doesn't), we bought a second ottoman. This new furniture is a good compromise for us both. The set will be arriving within the month. Squeee!! I couldn't be more thrilled with this sexy beast:

(Source= Broyhill)

And to make our living room pimpage complete, we put on our geek hats and went over to Best Buy, where we bought the Television To End All Other Televisions.

Back 2 School
School started about 3 weeks ago. Fun times. Well, not really. My stats class is a joke. It's supposed to be stats for researchers. Everyone in the class has at least a bachelors. Most are of the 'arts' variety, and probably in Education or a similar area. While I DO NOT think that people with B.A. degrees are dumb, this particular group seems to be mathematically challenged. As a result, I have started mentally referring to the subject as 'stats for dummies' due to the constant metaphorical (thank god) pants-shitting that happens whenever the instructor draws something so complex as a sigma or a square root symbol on the board. I try not to be a smartie-pants, but really now. How did you get this far in the higher ed system without knowing a histogram from a bar graph? Seriously. Smarten-up.

Work, Work
Tomorrow is my last day at my job. Monday is my first day at my new job. It's a change, both sad and exciting. I look forward to new opportunities, but also will be sad to leave the department where Bf and another good friend are also employed. (In fact, I met Bf at this job, tho we had actually gone to school together long ago - but that's a story for another day, perhaps.) I am also moving from a private office to a cube, but the other benefits provided in the new job are well worth the 'downsize'.

Love and Marriage
Bf and I attended a wedding this past weekend in Glacier National Park. Bf got to meet many of my beloved Oregon/Washington friends, and thankfully everyone got along splendidly. It's a shame we couldn't stay longer and enjoy the park's beauty and our friends' company, but school and work were calling us home. I have pictures though. Someday (soon?), I will edit and post a few. It was a beautiful wedding, and I am envious of the bride and groom right now, as they relax in their splendid-looking resort in Mexico.

False Advertising
I like how my description says it's a photography blog, yet there hasn't been a photo up here in months, aside from those stock couch photos above.