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25 September 2008

like a band of gypsies we go down the highway

Earlier this month, Bf and I traveled to Glacier National Park for the marriage of two friends. Seeing as how we don't live particularly close to Glacier, nor could we take much time off due to work and classes, this was a whirlwind trip. Basically it went like this: (Thurs) drive drive drive, sleep, (Fri) drive drive drive, (Sat) sightseeing, wedding, (Sun) drive drive drive drive drive drive, (Mon, 2 a.m.) home.

Though the trip was tiring and much too short, it was well worth it to share in our friends' beautiful and awesome celebration, and tons of fun to see other good friends we don't see nearly often enough.

Picture time!

We saw beautiful views in Glacier National Park, even without doing any hiking or camping.

This was my car's first trip of more than 150 miles (we drove ~2200, total).

We stayed in a very 'cozy' and 'rustic' (chilly, small, cute) cabin at Lake McDonald Lodge for two nights, and this was our morning view.

The bride and groom chartered school buses to chauffeur themselves and their guests from the hotels to the wedding + reception.

The vibrant oranges, yellows and maroons of the flowers were breathtakingly gorgeous.

As night fell, everyone drank, danced and socialized by candlelight to a live and very eclectic (one member had a 'Queen Bitch' t-shirt on) bluegrass/acoustic/folk band.

We "greeted" the dawn at 5 and rolled out of Lake McDonald at 6 on Sunday. Iffy weather made our 19-hour drive home wet and gray at times, but absolutely beautiful at others.

Camera: Olympus E-500, except the last one, which was taken through the car windshield with the R7.
Post-Processing: Varying adjustments of levels, brightness and contrast on all, and shadow/highlight on some. Nothing too serious.