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08 October 2008

what to say, what to say

We got our new living room yesterday. They're totally awesome. We don't quite know how they'll be arranged yet, but for now they are here, and we are able to sit on them, and they are not ugly and uncomfortable like our old furniture was.


Haphazard placements

Speaking of our old furniture, see it there, looming? Taking up our hallway space? The couch is going to a local thrift store tomorrow, and the love seat has been claimed by someone we know.

What else? School.

What else? Impending holidays and the events, travel, and planning that goes along with such.

What else? I got a new cell phone. I bet my cell phone has more buttons* than your cell phone. We each got one: the Moto Q9m. Bf was kind enough to do geeky things to their innards for us, pretty much turning them into the less lame Q9c models, but still sexy and red.

What else? Autumn. It's so beautiful this time of year. The area around my workplace is especially beautiful; I have seen some weddings happening nearby on the weekends and I am envious of and excited for the beautiful yellow and orange backdrops these couples are experiencing on their wedding days. I find fall much more romantic than springtime, which for us is full of mud, freezing temps, dead grass, and dirty, melting slush. In a few short weeks all will be brown, and then white, and out will come the down jackets, the car extension cords, and the Christmas cheer (hurray Christmas!!).

What else? Pictures. I want to take some. So many projects though. My neglected photo albums. Wanting to hang up some more photos in our home. A pull toward sewing accent-pillows for our new living room set. The list goes on.

*I don't like touch screens, I like buttons. Touch screens are not practical in my climate, where for half the year it is below zero and hands are very cold, or gloved/mittened, or both. Touch screens + me = no go.