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26 November 2008

dreams so wide like a country mile

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My life changes and I grow every day. On this Thanksgiving eve, like millions of other folks, I feel I must thank those responsible.

I'm thankful

for my family. Mom, dad. They are the best kind parents. The parents who weren't my friends when I was young, so that they can stand to be my friends now.

my friends. We're 'too busy to talk to each other', sure, but facebook, voicemail, text messages, chats, horn-honks (hey bitterheaven!), and good intentions can get you a long way.

for Bf, who nurtures my scarred self-assurance, believes in my capricious ambitions, and challenges my intrepid bullheadedness. Because I have him, I am the luckiest woman alive.

for Bf's family. They've welcomed me in to their home, their family, and their son's life. I won't be able to celebrate X-Mas with my own family this year, and they've graciously enveloped me as if I were their own.

for gainful employment. Mine and Bf's. In a time where many are facing layoffs and job-hunts, I feel I must scold myself whenever I wake up wishing I didn't have to go to work.

for a wonderful, warm home and all of the comforts that come along with such. It feels damn good to begin and end my days here, and that is something I can't say for any other home I've rented.

for a million other things that happen or don't happen every day, contributing to an all-around wonderful existence.