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13 November 2008

i quietly tied all my guts into knots

Yesterday was a crappy day. Ankle pain, big bills, icy streets, just a long string of unsavory happenings. I don't even want to get in to it. Only one truly seriously crappy thing happened: the corporate Honda people got back to my local person and said they would not authorize a repair to my car. All wasn't lost, my service guy said, but it sure felt that way. The day ended in a jaunt over to the local Mexican restaurant, where Bf and I drowned our sorrows in burritos and nacho dip.

Today was a new day though, and I was having a normal, run-of-the-mill morning until my local Honda service writer called with great news: he and the district manager had been working on it, and my repair WILL in fact be covered, 100%! Hurrayyyy. It'll take about a week but it won't cost me a dime. I'm a happy camper.

Other things on the radar as of late...

  • christmas projects: lights! cards! hand-embroidered stockings! a real tree!
  • other projects: photo albums, address book, recipe book, scotchgard the new furniture... squeee!
  • school, that pesky little fact of life (just 4.5 weeks left [of this term!])
  • thanksgiving and christmas with Bf's family - how fun!
  • new years with my family - also fun!
  • a home: to own or not to own?