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04 November 2008

my lovely little lumps

I have an update on the ripples/dents/bumps that now adorn the roof of my civic.

[Part I, in case you missed it.]

We (bf & I) decided to start the complaint/replacement/Totally Freaking Out At Honda -process with our salesman - the guy who sold us this car. He actually sold us both of our cars, and we feel we have a good/positive relationship with him. At lunch time today, we took the car to the dealership and spoke with him. He had pretty much the same reaction we did:

He could see how technically this *could* happen due to "chassis flex" or "body roll" (some buzz words I've seen on various forums), but he agreed that it wasn't normal or acceptable given the very minor altercation my car had with the curb.

He suggested we take the car and the estimate and go talk to one of the main service writer/manager guys in the service department. He also took the time to fill the service guy in on what was going on with the car.

The service guy then kept the estimate and the car, and sent us back to our workplaces in a courtesy vehicle. He then took the car to the body shop where I'd gotten the estimate (it happens to be affiliated with the dealer) and had them run a bunch of tests, including alignment and frame/structural integrity -type things. At the time we spoke with him late this afternoon, everything'd come back perfectly straight except the alignment, which was still in progress. (I think/hope the alignment is OK too - the car doesn't pull, shake or shimmy at all at high speed - I did 83 this morning no-handed for over 10 seconds in a completely straight line (I can do this because we live in a rural, exceedingly flat area :D).)

The way he explained it, these tests coming back with these favorable results basically help to prove that the car hasn't been in any seriously stressful situation (i.e. car accident, major jolt, etc). He's going to do a few more things to the car tomorrow including taking several photos of the damaged area, then he's going to send all of that to the district manager.

On another note, I emailed everyone I found in the forums who said they had this problem. I asked them for pictures. I'm not sure how these could help me, but strength in numbers can never hurt. I've only received photos from one person so far, but they are promising for my 'case': these dents look just. Like. Mine.

not my photo. 2008 2007 2006 honda civic si ex ex-l roof dent ding bump ripple

not my photo. 2008 2007 2006 honda civic si ex ex-l sunroof moonroof roof dent ding bump ripple
[These are not my photos and this is not my car - the car and photos belong to a member of the 8thcivic.com forums.]

We'll see where it goes from there. I am crossing my fingers for a smooth and fair resolution to this issue; I have to admit I was expecting a fight, given the experiences I've read about online from others with the same issue. Perhaps it's a matter of appearance too? That's something to ponder in itself. It's not my intention to speak ill of others with this issue, but I wonder how they were dressed when they arrived at the dealership to protest their damage. How did they act? Did they have custom wheels? Racing stickers or mods on their cars? Were any of them male teenagers or young adults? All these things can project an (easily unfair) image about a person's responsibility level and attitude. BF and I are young, but we're also what our community would deem to be 'successful' and/or 'white-collar'. We've bought two 2008 vehicles and a 2007 from that dealership in the past year and a half, all of them fully-loaded/highest trim level. My car, unlike most in the forums, is not an Si (high-performance), nor is it a coupe, nor is it a bright or flashy color, nor does it have any modifications. It's a hoighty-toighty white car with ivory leather driven by a woman who gently reminds the service writer to ask the staff to wash their hands before they climb inside and dirty it up. I'm not the right demographic for this car. Sure, for all they know, I could drive like a maniac, but this experience (thus far) in comparison to the experiences of other roof-dent-victims, really makes me question the effect of perceptions, stereotypes, and special treatments.

That, or it's just about how nice you are to people. Neither Bf or I have demanded anything. We've kept our attitudes polite and inquisitive, with a touch of shocked/confused, and a pinch of confidence that Honda will do the right thing.

I'll keep updating.