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23 February 2009

a fortnight with wii fit

This is a post I wrote over a 2-week timespan. It follows my first 14 days using the Wii Fit.

Day one: 152 lbs, BMI 21.4, Wii Fit Age 29. I did 1 hour and 15 minutes of exercise, focusing on strength and yoga but doing a little bit of everything.

Day two: I did 1 hour, focusing on aerobics and strength (again, with a little of everything mixed in). When I was doing the lunges, the Wii kept telling me that my running endurance and stride were deteriorating as I got older. Thanks for the positive outlook. I unlocked the Super Hula Hoop and the Boxing.

Day three: I did 35 minutes (I had to stop and go to class). Through a combination of a different time of day (I had recently eaten), water weight and different clothes, I gained over 3 lbs. The Wii gave me a little lecture about it and made me choose the reason for my weight gain (options included "Late Night Snacks" and "Overeating", among others). I chose snacking. It told me, in a few more words, to stop it. I was sore from Day 2's boxing, but I did tons more of it. Hula hooping too. These two aerobic exercises have become my favorites. I did a lot of them, but also a good mix of strength and yoga. Balance and Yoga are my weak points.

Day four: I went to the gym and speed-walked at an 8% incline for 2 miles. Back at home, the Wii Fit told me I'd lost a negligible amount of weight since Day 3. I did a good mix of all four kinds of exercise for 45 minutes.

Day five: I was home sick, but I still managed to do Wii Fit for an hour.

Day six and seven: I did about 45 minutes each of these days. I gained a minuscule amount of weight each day, possibly due to the fact that I went out to eat twice on day 6, and day 7 was valentine's day. Eh, baby steps.

Day 8: I didn't do it. It was Sunday and I was lazy.

Day 9: I did about 45 minutes, mostly focusing on Aerobic and Yoga activities. I lost a little weight on this day, and it said my Wii Fit Age was 22 (best yet!).

Day 10: Instead of getting me to work out more, the Wii Fit's giving me an excuse not to go to the gym as much (and I'll take any excuse I can get!). I should have gone to the gym on this day, but instead I came home and did Wii Fit. Since I didn't feel like working out, I did kind of a half-assed/lazy job of it, too, choosing mostly yoga and balance games as my exercises. I lost a little more weight though, go me, lol.

Days 11 and 12: I went to the gym both of these days and worked out for about an hour there. Then, I came home and did the body test (before supper). Both days, the Wii fit told me I'd gotten fatter and lectured me on overeating. (Oddly, I've actually been very careful about overeating - adding each day's calories in to FitDay religiously.)

Day 13: It was a Friday. I ate Chinese buffet and played MarioKart Wii instead of Wii Fit. I did not even do a body test. (But I did keep my calories to 1700, which is a little above my limit, but still good for a Friday with Chinese buffet!)

Day 14: 148 lbs, BMI 20.4, Wii Fit Age 28. This marked 2 weeks of using the Wii Fit. There were only two days that I didn't turn it on at all. On this day, I worked pretty hard. I did lots of strength and yoga (and reached 100 reps in the Jackknife Challenge), hula hooping, boxing, step aerobics and some balance. I also had a big lunch a few hours before working out, so I'm sure that didn't contribute positively to the weight/BMI.

My thoughts after 2 weeks:
This thing's pretty cool. It's not fool-proof though. For one thing, if your TV's in the living room and you have carpet, the weight measurements can be a little off/different depending on where you place the balance board. We found that it gave the most consistent body-test results when we did the body tests after the workout. I think it's because body-weight on the balance board allowed it to kind of get mashed in to the rug, giving it a harder surface for measurements. We also noticed that it gave us each a really low weight measurement on day two. Seriously, each of us lost 5+ lbs between day 1 and day 2. If that trend had continued, I'd be shouting raving, 5-star reviews to the rooftops!! Unfortunately, the trend did not continue. Instead, we had to listen to it bitching about us getting so fat between day 2 and 3.

wii fit
Taken with my SD300 and sharpened/cropped. What do you think Bf Mii is saying to Pink Heli Mii? It looks pretty uh... suggestive.

In addition to doing Wii Fit exercises, I went to the gym three times in the past two weeks. Normally, I'd go 5-6 times in two weeks (Tue/Wed/Thurs). The Wii Fit actually influenced me not to go. I wanted to come home and play with it instead (even though it is not as intense as a gym-workout). I also counted my calories on FitDay every day. my goal was to stay at about 1500 calories per day. I did pretty well in this regard, staying around the goal intake for all but four of the 14 days.

I have lost a few pounds in the past 2 weeks. While I definitely think the Wii Fit contributed a bit to this, I believe my awareness of my food-intake was a bigger factor. I will say this for the Wii Fit: it is helpful to see my progress on the screen. It's also neat (though annoying when I'm "bad") to have a "watchdog" praising my accomplishments and crabbing at me for my slip-ups. It's also fun! I love the boxing, and the balance games are really challenging. Bf and I try to beat each other's high scores. (He's waaaay too good at heading soccer balls!) I'm definitely finding myself being more aware of my posture and balance, which for a veteran sloucher like me, is very good news. The yoga poses in this game were the main reason for my interest: as I get older I have more back and knee soreness, and I wanted some help in practicing stretches. As for the balance... well, my middle name is definitely not "Grace". But I'm improving! My Baywatchesque Wii Fit personal trainer says so.