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09 February 2009

it's only cliche if I don't stick with it

After Bf and I started dating, I put on about 15 lbs. I look and feel alright, but I'd like to lose it (or at least replace it with muscle, but I was pretty muscular back then too).

Today, I read a blog post that detailed a woman's journey in losing a significant amount of weight the only way that actually works: she made a change in her lifestyle. She didn't diet, she CHANGED her diet to better follow healthy caloric intake guidelines. This is something I've done before, quite successfully, using the exact same methods she used. I fell off the wagon when I started dating Bf - we went out to eat a lot and had a great time satisfying all sorts of naughty indulgences (coincidentally, she did too, when she met her husband!). But today, I'm getting back on. Not obsessively, but at least somewhat consistently. Back to FitDay I go, where I will be restricting my caloric intake to 1550 when I can. I have also started buying lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and am trying to eat at least 2 servings a day. I know that this is below the recommended serving allowance for these types of food, but I am SO NOT a fruit and veggie eater. Baby-steps, people. Baby-steps.

In addition to eating more sensibly, I want to strengthen my body all over. I already go to the gym, but can only manage about three times a week (sometimes two; very rarely four) with my busy schedule of full time work/full time school. I generally do aerobic exercise or weights. I don't spend enough time stretching, this I know.

This is where the newly acquired Wii Fit comes in, I hope. I hope that the Wii Fit can fill the void in my gym-routine, allowing me to do at least some form of activity on my lazy days. In just a few short days, the Wii Fit has told me...

  • That my body is weaker than it should be.
  • That my muscles won't train themselves.
  • That I must trip a lot when I walk.
  • That my Wii Fit Age is 29*. (Older than I am.)

  • I'm really enjoying the yoga poses, though they're hard for me because I have terrible balance and I'm not very flexible. I was told that yoga would help my posture, but the classes I've found locally are at really bad times (6 am, or 8:30 pm - I could technically do either, but I do not want to, at all, kthx). So hopefully, some of these poses will help me work on my posture at home. And hopefully, this'll take undue strain away from my knees and back.

    I also love the aerobic exercises on the Wii - specifically the hula-hooping and the boxing, so far. The strength training are good too, though the Balance Board hurts my hands when I have to do push-ups on it.

    Bf whoops my butt at the balance exercises. No contest - he's good at it and I'm not. I guess there'd be no challenge if I was great at everything right off the bat though. And there's a reason the game suggested I might be a bit clumsy.

    It's hard for me to admit, but that video game made me sore! I'm not going to make any promises, but I'd like to blog about fitness/diet again - perhaps when I have some progress to gloat about (or some defeat to wallow in).

    *Bf is also doing Wii Fit, and his Wii Fit age was only 20 (younger than he is)! Even though I work out 3x a week at the gym, and he doesn't go. Even though his BMI was higher than mine. I guess it also didn't suggest that he must trip all the time though - I think it just likes him better.