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05 April 2009

how's the planning going? oh, it's... well... we're getting married!

Bf and I are now only about 5 months away from the day we'll be married, and I'm avoiding The Knot's planning checklist like the plague. Why? Well... let me give you a little rundown on our (non)wedding planning progress thus far. What follows is a list of what we DON'T know.

Where we're getting married
This is kind of a biggie, am I right? As in, WE SHOULD PROBABLY KNOW THIS BY NOW! See, originally we were going to do it locally. Then my mom suggested a nicer city about 4 hours from here. But now we're working on buying a home, and I think perhaps we'll want to have it closer to home so that my parents (who live across the country and would have flown straight in to that other city) can see the house while they're here. Luckily, our chosen venue is a city hall, regardless of where it's located. We don't need a reservation 10 months in advance to go to city hall.

What I'll be wearing
I have had two unsuccessful dress hunts and I'm running out of creativity. Wedding dresses are too fancy for what we've envisioned, but I'm not sure what else I would want. I do, however, have one more option that I'll be writing about soon. Hopefully I'll be able to check this big stresser off the list within a few days.

What he'll be wearing
No clue. We haven't even picked him out a wedding ring.

How I'll wear my hair
My hair is pretty short and looks about the same every day. What do you do with THAT? Birdcage veil? Hair flower? Headband? I don't even know where to start.

What we'll do after the ceremony
Dinner? Cake? Where? When? We really have no idea.

Where I'll get my flowers
I might end up taking a trip to the grocery store and plunking down $19.99 for a dozen roses. At least I'm starting to figure out what color(s) I want.

Whether or not we're going to have professional photo session
When you buy a house, you start to look at each of your dollar bills as sacred. Right now even a few hundred dollars for a couple-session seems debatable when it could better be spent on... say... a dining room set.

A whole mess of other smaller things
Obviously the above are just the big things. We're avoiding many of the little things by getting married such an understated way, but things like announcements, shoes, ceremony customization (if possible) and more are still up in the air too.

*Hangs usually type-A head in shame.*

I can boast that there are a few things on which we're solid! We've got a date. We've got my wedding ring (it was a set with my e-ring). We've got our parents' support. And most of all... we've got each other. I refuse to get obsessive or demanding about any of the above because I know that when it's all over, I will be married to my sweetheart. Even if I'm wearing some random brown skirt I've had for years, even if I have a bouquet of dandelions from the back yard, and even if our wedding dinner is Papa Johns takeout (dig that garlic butter dip!) and our dessert is cookie dough blizzards from Dairy Queen.

But don't worry, I really am trying to get all this squared away! Details on each of the above are coming soon to a blog near you! :)