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26 April 2009

peering through the glass

By taking such a budget-oriented, low-key approach to wedding planning, I'm fortunate to be able to avoid a lot of big stresses. I don't have to deal with big bills, with unresponsive vendors, with figuring out people's addresses, or with choosing favors. A lot of people have told me that if they could do it again, they'd do what I'm doing. But let's think about that for a sec. By tossing traditional wedding ideals to the wind, I'm also missing out on a lot of the fun stuff...

Engagement pictures.
Why would we get them? We have no paper products in which to incorporate them, and we won't be displaying them on any reception tables, table-number cards, etc. We already have a ton of photos of us on various vacations and such, so we don't need them. They're an unnecessary expense. It might have been fun though, anyway.

Invitations, STDs and other fun paper products.
I love paper products! I love being crafty! The single biggest thing I'm sad to miss out on is designing a sweet save-the-date and a stellar invitation suite. I am really looking forward to our wedding announcements and thank-you cards though.

Bridal Showers, bachelorette and other wedding party shenanigans.
I have no wedding party, and hardly anyone knows when I'm getting married. So, I'm not expecting any showers or parties in my honor. It's one of many things you have to let go when you're planning to basically elope*. I've never been anyone's bridesmaid, but I have a couple of good friends getting married in 2010 for whom I'll be the photographer... so I hope to vicariously get my girlie-time on with them while photographing these events in their lives.

A silly thing to include, but I've never ridden in a limo. This doesn't bother me too much though. I tend to get carsick in basically any vehicle driven by someone other than myself or Bf, so the lack of a wedding day chauffeur is probably a blessing.

Dancing, laughing and being merry(ied) with our guests.
This is the most noticeable sacrifice. We aren't big in to parties, drinking, dancing or the like, but it would have been awesome to celebrate our new marriage with all of those who are close to us. The path we've chosen is the right one for us, but still... it would have been fun.

*What we're doing is not, technically eloping. Eloping is when you run off and get married by yourselves. We're planning something and inviting guests. Just not very many of them.