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25 August 2009

cellular strife

What kind of cell phone do you have? What's wrong with it, or what's right?

We've currently got Motorola Q9m smart phones. We don't like them.

The size isn't the problem, or the features, and I do love the Qwerty keypad. But the battery's awful. I swear that it's out of batteries every day. I looked it up and sure enough: The Q9 has a standby time of about 210 hours (if you don't use it otherwise). Most phones feature 400+ hours of standby.

We've only had these phones for a year or so, but we paid for them out-of-pocket to replace our awful Razr phones. So Bf and will qualify for new-every-2 in a few weeks. This means free (or discounted) new phones for us.

Right now, our front runners are the Motorola Rival and the LG NV 2 or 3. We have also looked at Blackberries. What's important to us:

The qwerty keypad, possible calendar features, and call clarity/reception. We don't give a shit about music playing and TV-watching and video-capturing.

Now, the other part of the equation: the calling plan. Bf and I have differing opinions on this. I think I won't be getting a Blackberry at this point because I don't want to spend the extra $30/month for the email/internet service (as convenient as that would be). I like my money, and $360 a year is a lot of damn extra money to spend so I can read my RSS while waiting in road construction. Bf likes the idea of mobile internet access, however. There's a different plan that allows you to tether any phone to a laptop and access the Internet from it wherever you are. That's also about $30 a month. He thinks it's worth it. I don't (but he buys the plan, so it's really up to him). If he were to get a Blackberry, he'd be required to buy that first plan (to have email on the phone), but would also have to buy the additional plan for laptop use. (So he probably would not get a Blackberry).

What do you think? Do you have a Blackberry? Is it WORTH $360 a year extra? We can afford it, but we don't like to just toss money around. What about the Rival? The LG NV series? Do you have another phone you recommend?

Keep in mind: CDMA is the access frequency in this area (which generally means the phones are way less cool). We do not have access to any GSM phones. (So the iPhone, for example, is not available in our region. I hate touch screens, anyway.)