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31 August 2009

i'm a no-class, beat down fool

This was attached to our house when we bought it. No more!

I had a bridal shower over the weekend. It was super fun. We did some fun games and ice breakers, and one of them got me thinking a little. I had to fill out a sheet with information about myself. One of the questions was: "Favorite TV Show".

I don't watch TV.

Are you judging me yet? Most people do. They think Bf and I are some kind of snooty stuck-up non-TV watching hippies. Lately everyone's talking about something called "Mad Men". I had no idea what that is until I googled it. (And I still have never seen it.) Blogs light up with AMTM and SYTYCD updates. OMGWTFBBQ? So many acronyms. How am I supposed to know what they mean?* And why do I care?

This isn't about whether or not I should watch TV. There's a lot of TV I like (or used to like), and a lot of TV I would watch. Mad Men looks cool, for example. And I looooove HGTV and the Food Network. Discovery's pretty awesome too, and even TLC has a few good programs (mostly the home-improvement ones).

But I really do not have time for TV. Neither of us does. We had cable for months and it went unwatched. We're too busy with school, with the house, and with other things we enjoy doing in our spare time (such as watching movies, playing Wii games, photography, and traveling), TV just seems so unimportant.

So, we canceled it. Not having cable saves money every month. We still have the Internet of course, but no TV. We're busy all the time, so we don't really have time to miss TV. Neither of us really has anything against television in general, but we do have something against spending money on things we don't use. Maybe someday, when we're less busy, TV will be come a part of our household again**.

But until then, we have to figure out a way to explain our situation to others without garnering the automatic assumption that we're 1) clueless cavemen or 2) anti-media-consumption activists.

*I really do know what SYTYCD and ANTM are. You really would have to be living in a cave not to know.

**People say we'll "give in" (as if we're making some kind of stand?) when we have children. I'm not so sure. I grew up without cable TV and while I hated it at the time, I'm probably better for it. I'd rather my kids do puzzles, draw pictures, and play outside than keep themselves up to date on the latest American Idols. And I umm, kind of believe that children's intelligence levels are inversely proportional to how much teletubbies exposure they have. But that's a topic for another time.