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13 August 2009

they give us the nice bright colors

Remember how we weren't going to have a photographer? Well, we reconsidered that when one offered to work with us at a very very heavily discounted price.

A few weeks ago, I realized that I needed to get in contact with the photographer ASAP because even though she had told us she'd love to shoot our wedding, we hadn't worked out any details, we hadn't discussed a contract or solidified pricing, and she didn't know that we'd moved our wedding to another -- non-local -- county. I also realized that I had never actually met the photographer before, though we are Facebook friends and I know a relative of hers. So it was definitely time to meet our photographer!

She and I exchanged several emails (she was OK with our venue-change and still willing to shoot us, hurray!!) and ultimately decided that Bf and I would meet her and her assistant at their office for coffee. Then we'd be able to chat and also look at examples of their photos and fun stuff like that.

We showed up a bit before five and they had coffee waiting for us from my favorite shop: Caribou. Their office space was really inviting and modern. Crisp light gray walls, vases of fresh flowers, and beautiful poster-sized prints greeted us as we stepped inside. (Hmm, I wonder if light gray would work in a room of our house? It might be a little too modern. Hmmm, hmmm, hmm!)

We started talking to both of them and soon it was like we were old friends. I can tell this is going to work out well for us. We mostly chatted about life and photography and weddings (she reads that wedding blog I write for, so she knows as much as I do about our big day!). We did chat a little about pricing: we'll be paying a little more because our venue is a 45 minute drive away now, whereas the local courthouse would have been practically within walking distance of their office. We expected that, and it's more than fine. Looking at their pictures makes me forget my budget entirely.

We'll have both of the photographers shooting our wedding. We'll get our images on a CD and it'll probably take a month or a little more to get them back, depending on how busy they are with editing. I understand: editing is hard work and it can be tedious! I was honestly surprised (and thrilled) that the photos could be done in as little as 3-4 weeks.

But speaking of forgetting about budgets: oh God, the albums they showed us. All along, I've been planning on getting some albums printed for our parents. Probably from somewhere like Blurb, Shutterfly, or MyPublisher. Then, I was going to either do one of those for us too, or spend some time scrap-booking our wedding for a really personal touch.

But then... they drew our attention to their collection of gorgeous album options. They work with some professional printing companies (whose names escape me right now) to create The. Most. Gorgeous. Custom. Albums. Ever. One of them had a custom leather spine and a glass cover. A GLASS COVER!! It was an odd dimension: 8"x20", and each page opened up to reveal a 16"x20" print from the couple's wedding day. I've never seen such a thing. I dared to ask what such a beauty might cost, and of course each one is different depending on the options you choose. This one was nearly $1000.

I always thought it was silly to spend so much money on an album. I can buy a photo album at Micheal's for $12.99, after all! I can print photos from Walmart for 15 cents each! I can get a great Blurb book for under $100! But holy crap: this amazing album makes a run-of-the-mill photo album look like a pile of poo. This wasn't an album: it was a work of art.

To my surprise, Bf liked it even more than I did. It's great to have a supportive groom (though our mutually-expensive tastes in many things certainly do "help" us spend our money!). So yes, the couple that didn't want a photographer may have a very expensive wedding album in their future! (But our wedding album will kick other people's wedding albums' asses! So there!)

I can't find a good photo of something similar online: it was so cool and unique and custom. And though I brought a camera to the meeting, I forgot to load a memory card. Nice work, P.H., nice work.

Our little meeting was definitely a success. I am really happy to be working with our photographers. Both of them were very laid back and easy to talk to. I'm sure our photos will be totally awesome, and I left the meeting feeling like I didn't just have great photographers: I also had some cool new friends.