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17 August 2009

we'll spend some time forever

I may have mentioned before that Bf and I don't plan to go on a honeymoon until the summer of 2010. We have several reasons for this, and in this post I intend to outline the major ones.

The timing sucks.
We each have an 8-to-5, 40-hour-per-week job. Lots of couples do, of course, but that ain't the half of it for this over-scheduled duo. In addition to these jobs, we are both also full-time students. Bf will have classes five days a week during fall semester, and I have them three days. Since our university is on a semester schedule, our wedding date will fall a few weeks after the fall term starts. We're pushing it by even taking the time off for our wedding itself. But we'll make it work. Another week of absence, however, could not be tolerated. We'd fall behind and our grades would suffer. Because of this, we're not even going to have a mini-moon.

So why would we even have our wedding during the semester? We both preferred a fall or winter anniversary, and September was the latest we dared to push it due to concerns about midterms and projects. We're also both registered for summer (I'm taking 6 credits, and Bf is taking 12 right now), so summer wouldn't have been any less busy unless we'd waited until next summer (which neither of us wanted to do!).

Our engagement is short.
Our wedding is in about a month, but we have only been engaged for 5. Of course, we could plan a fabulous honeymoon in 6 months time, but saving for it would have been another issue. Especially since we recently bought a house and are currently facing a situation that might result in big budget cutbacks for us in just a couple of weeks.

Money is tight, but we want to do something amazing.
We don't want to settle for a budget honeymoon to a nearby city on an off-season; we want to do something awesome we'll both remember forever. A decidedly "honeymoon" thing that we wouldn't randomly decide to do as a normal vacation. Preferably a vacation that involves leaving this continent: something neither of us has done before. By postponing our honeymoon 'till next year, we'll have time to save for the perfect trip.

Next year, we'll have something else to celebrate.
Bf has been pushing himself extra hard and will finish up the degree he's currently working on in the spring. Before he moves on to his next adventure in higher ed (yup, we're are gluttons for punishment -- we just can't stop going to school!), he'll be glad to have a much-deserved break from it all! What better way to celebrate a new marriage and a new "piece of paper" to frame than by taking a stellar vacay from work, school, and normal life here in the great white north?

The real purpose of a honeymoon doesn't apply to us, anyway.
In the traditional sense (I think - I did not look this up), couples would go on honeymoon to get to know each other better. They get *intimate* together, share a bed together, and learn how to deal with each other on a day to day basis. This vacation helps them ease in to their new married life together.

They might even return with a new family member in the works! So not the case for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Pink Heli. We are definitely used to each other, we don't need lessons in the bedroom department, and we're not planning to start a family for quite a while. We just want to enjoy a nice vacation together.

So in summary: our academic lifestyles, our short engagement, and our monetary concerns have all led to us postpone our "honeymoon" vacation until next year. We haven't figured out where or when exactly we will be traveling (but it'll probably be in June, which is about 9 months after we tie the knot).

We'd like to figure out where we're going and how much it's going to cost us by the end of October. I plan to blog a lot more about honeymoon planning once I am officially married!