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28 September 2009

sugar sugar

I have a personal rule that serves me pretty well most months.

As background: I looooove holiday candy.

For Valentine's day, I love the conversation hearts.
For Easter? It's a tie between the coconut jelly-bean nests and the Cadbury Creme Eggs.
For Halloween, I'm a candy-corn fiend.
And for Christmas... can anything compete with those 3" tall Reeses christmas trees?

Anyway... I'm sure you've noticed how bad the holiday shopping craze has become. Halloween stuff was on our shelves in August. And the day after Halloween, there'll be Christmas decorations out (has everyone forgotten Thanksgiving? I guess it isn't consumer-friendly enough). Correction, Macy's already has their Christmas stuff out... But that isn't the point I guess.

The point is that since the stores don't set any boundaries for us, I felt that I should set my own. A few years ago I made the following rule:

Thou shalt not buy holiday-specific candy outside of the month in which the holiday takes place.

It's a pretty fair rule (except for years like 2010, when Easter will be on the 4th of April... eh, I never said anything about how MUCH I'm allowed to buy, or how long I can hoard it!!).

On Thursday, October begins. October is the worst and the best month of my year. It's a time of seasonal change, it's a time of horrible busy madness (due to midterms), and most of all, it's a time of halloween candy.

This year more than others past...

Bring it.

I am ready to eat.