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31 October 2009

and i suppose if we dont get our x-mas tree by thanksgiving, the stores will be out of those too

This is Pink Hubby's and my second Halloween together. Last year, we carved one menacing pumpkin. This year, carved two dopey-looking ones.

I've been really really busy though, and just haven't gotten around to actually shopping for a pumpkin. As far as I know, we don't really have pumpkin patches around here. What we have is dudes who drive in to town with a pickup bed full of them, lay them out on the grass in front of a local business, and sell till they're gone. Some of these people go so far as to put haybales and other 'farmy' stuff around to make it look 'pumpkin patchy'. It's rather hilarious, considering how many farms there really are around here.

But anyway. The pumpkin trucks started rolling in in mid-September. I didn't feel like buying a pumpkin in mid-September. That's too damn early. Then mid-October rolled around. I wasn't seeing the road-side pumpkin-selling dudes anymore. Oh well, we could always just get ours in a grocery store. Doesn't really matter to me.

Thursday was October 29. Holy crap! Really? 2 days before Halloween and neither of us had managed to buy a pumpkin?! I decided to go buy a few after I was done working and working out.

I went to Target. No pumpkins. Weird. Walmart. Tons of gourds, no pumpkins. Super One. No pumpkins. Hugos [regional grocery store chain]: nothing. Lowes was decked out for Christmas; barely a sign of Halloween or Thanksgiving. That made me sadder than anything. Another Hugos branch: still nothing. Menards: absolutely pumpkinless.

I went to 7 stores

I was on my way across town to the local Home of Economy (sportsmens'/farm/general store) to see what I could find when I remembered another small branch of Hugos, down a side street. I parked my car for the 8th time, walked through cold, windy drizzle for the 8th time, but this time: I found some!

Finally found some

I realized when I left the store that I was grinning like an idiot. Hyuck! I gots me a punkin!

They aren't perfect. In fact, one was really dented up.


But we worked with the dents to create these characters.



We also got candy. Lots of candy. I remember as a kid being so disappointed when we'd reach someone's house only to find that they had run out of candy. So sad! I was determined not to be that lame house.

However, given that the times, they have a'changed, I really wondered how many trick-or-treaters we'll get. Our moms used to make our costumes snow-suit compatible, and we'd bundle up and run all over town until 8 or 9 oclock, filling our buckets. Kids these days trick-or-treat in malls and convention centers at 2 PM.

In fact, we actually got tons of kids. Well over 100, and mostly young (under 10). I had to go out and buy more candy even. I think we went through 12 bags. I'm glad to see that our old tradition hasn't died out entirely.

On the porch

Happy Halloween.