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12 October 2009

but the fire is so delightful

Getting a cat isn't *ALL* we've done lately. It's been a while since I showed you anything house-y. That's not really because we haven't done anything to the house, but mainly because there hasn't been a lot of totally AWESOME stuff we've done to the house. Today, you get to see the living room.

Our furniture has pretty much just been sitting where we put it when we carried it out of the U-Haul in May (and by 'we', I mean Pink Hubby and his friend...).

Living room until about a week ago

We got a rug as a wedding present in September. So picture the above image, except with a rug in the middle of it. And then last Thursday I decided to Scotchgard the couches and chair to help reduce of static we'll have with winter approaching (and also to help repel possible new-pet-related stains). Since I had all the furniture pulled out from the walls anyway, I decided to reorganize everything with a goal to

1) Make it feel more like a living space and less like an aisle in a furniture store, and
2) Move the chair + ottomans away from the hearth so that we could actually use the fireplace safely.

What you can't see in either photo is that there's an old wooden slatted air return about 2.5 feet long by 1 foot wide on the floor under the large windows. The furniture can't be on top of that. So, I shuffled everything around, huffed and puffed, and shuffled it around again to come up with this.

Living room now

Makes the room look at lot bigger I think. Cozier too - especially with the fireplace in use. I'm excited to finally have a mantel for x-mas stockings, too!