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18 October 2009

cold weather = hot cookin'

It's been cold for a couple of weeks now. Our snow came and went, but soon more will come (and stay a while). Winter means a lot of things, but one thing it means (at least for me) is the desire to cook. The advantages of using the oven in the winter are twofold. 1) The oven heats your house (or at least your kitchen area). 2) Hot, homemade food warms the tummy (and hence, the body).

Saturday's meal: Enchiladas. Unlike with the photo documentation of my Thursday hotdish pursuit, this time I was not lazy: I broke out the fiddy [mm].

Expired beer

Everybody knows (don't they?) that when you're making Mexican food, you have to have a beer while you're doing it. We've had this beer in our fridge since February 28, 2009. I know the exact date because it's the day PHubby proposed. His family came over that evening and brought a 12-pack. We're not big beer drinkers, so there are still 3 left in the fridge. I think their case said they were best by March 31. I do like a beer occasionally, and when I have one, I like it stout. The darker the better; I do not believe you should be able to see through a beer. (My preference [since you totally asked] would be a frosty Terminator Stout, but a 7-month-old Sam Adams can do the job.)


Normally I do these with ground turkey, but tonight I used ground beef (since I had some). I've done chicken before too, and once I did a 4-cheese concoction. But this time, beef. I cooked the meat, then added finely diced onions and peppers and a little bit of shredded cheese. Then I stirred in half a can of enchilada sauce and slapped it in to 16 corn tortillas.


Then, I dumped a can and a half of enchilada sauce on 'em and loaded that pan with shredded cheese.


Needs Cooking

I only put olives on half of it 'cause Pink Hubby doesn't really care for 'em. 375 degrees (uncovered) and 20 minutes later: FOOD.



A heartburn-inducing meal worthy of an expired bottle of beer. Good stuff indeed.