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11 October 2009

[pink] Tiberius [cat]

A.k.a: "Rusty".

We picked him up from E on Saturday in the late morning. We put him on the toy-dog carrier I got at Petco on clearance (12 bux, baby!) and took him to town, where we made him wait in the car while we got some Chinese food from our favorite restaurant.

Then we brought him home. He meowed most of the way. After we got home he looked out the windows and smelled the furniture and bit my foot.

Tiberius looks at flurries

Tiberius looks at fire

Tiberius bites my foot

Today I gave him a bear to bite:

Tiberius bites a bear

And he also took several naps.

Tiberius sleeps

Tiberius chills

He is used to being kept in a (large) kennel at night. We will not be doing that, but for his first few nights we plan to keep him confined to one area of the house. It's a big house and he's a small cat, so we feel better introducing him to it (and all of the wonderfully destroyable things within!) slowly.

Where'd we get the name "Tiberius?" My dad knew immediately, do you? (No help from Google allowed.)