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16 October 2009

rainy crazy autumn love

Pink Hubby and I do not have a photography business. We are just a couple of yuppies with biggish cameras. I think it'd be really, really fun to do this for a living. I love doing it. The shooting, the editing, the results. But a few of things prevent us from moving forward with such a venture.

1- Talent. Call it lack of self-confidence if you want, but we're the first to admit we're not that good. I think he's good, he thinks I'm good, but we're both in agreement that the real pros do it better. We're better than your average Joe or Jane Point-And-Shoot, sure. But we're not that good.

2- Equipment. We have two dSLR camera bodies and 3 lenses. That's it. One's a telephoto, one's a 14-45 mm, and the third is my beloved 50 mm. We don't have any lighting equipment and two of our three lenses are not that good of quality. Sure, we could rectify this easily by buying more equipment, if we only had...

3- Time to get a business going. See, we'd have to pay for that equipment we'd bought somehow. We don't have a "Cash for Fancy Camera Stuff" column in our monthly budget. People who have tons of nice lenses? Unless they're rich, they're probably buying that stuff with fees they get from their clients. But we really don't have time for a business. We've got jobs (3 between the two of us) and school (8 classes between us this semester). Time is our enemy more than it's our friend.

Photography isn't our calling - at least not at this point in our lives. But it's a super fun hobby. So when a friend asks us to take their pictures, we consider it an opportunity to practice our skills. And we do it for free.

These photos that follow were taken about 2 weeks ago. I've known E for almost 20 years. See, my family moved [to the town I list as my 'hometown' on Facebook] when I was 8 years old. Jumping in to a new school is scary shit. This was the third time I'd done it in my short life. E was in my 3rd grade class. When the teacher asked someone to volunteer to be my school 'tour guide,' she was the only one that did. Everyone else was busy either giving me the skunk-eye or making fun of my accent. Then when I got on the bus after school, there she was. Turns out, she lived only a about 5 miles from me (around these parts, that's not very far).

Eighteen years later, I'm psyched to see someone so selfless -- she is and has always been the most caring, eager to help, un-materialistic, innocently sweet person I know -- find her true love.



They're getting married either later this year, or early next year. We'll be shooting their wedding, too.

Here's a peak at "the truth" behind this session. E is really in to animals, of all kinds. Everywhere we shot we had to deal with this. The three dogs, horses, cats, and various other creatures kept intruding on our shots. Frequently, one of us was shooting while the other tried to distract the canine trio.

The truth

Did I mention that it was raining for half the time? And about 40 degrees? 'Cause it was.

But they were happy, which made us happy, and we had a really great afternoon.

P.S. What do you think of my watermark?

P.S.#2. For this post, I went through all of 120 edited pictures we have from this shoot (about 60 of mine, 60 of Pink Hubby's) and selected 8 that I particularly liked. We both took similar shots, so I really didn't know whose shots were whose. Just now, I looked at the Exif data to figure out which ones I should credit to myself, and which were taken by Pink Hubby. Turns out, all of the photos above were taken by him. I knew he was better than me :-). So I have a bunch of *someone else's* photos on my blog. But I did at least post-process them! So there!