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04 November 2009

our wedding in a nutshell (abridged and photo-heavy)

It's finally wedding-sharing-time here on s & u. I've finished my "recaps" for the other site, and let me tell you: that was hard work. The site focuses on DIY, crafts, budget and all of the details of wedding planning and execution (execution of the wedding, not execution of the bride and groom, hopefully!!). It took me 10 posts over there to say what I'm about to show you in this one. This post is going to be very photo-heavy, but also concise. I like to think of that as my style.

To begin, a little about the wedding. It was small, as you know (7 guests invited to the ceremony). We were married on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at the Traill County Courthouse in Hillsboro, North Dakota. (Yes, we are North Dakotans. If you didn't know that before, now you do.)

I made some invitations for our parents and friend who attended our ceremony. (They're cardstock that I trimmed down and printed using our inkjet printer. Nothing too fancy.)

I was trying to KISS*, but by the wedding day I had collected all of these accessories to wear. [Earrings: Macys. Bracelet: Buy.com. Hair flower: Bowsweet. Necklace and ring: our local jeweler.]

One place we did not skimp was our rings. Money was 'no object': we recognized them as lifelong symbols of our commitment, and we chose exactly what we wanted. Pink Hubby and I each looked at dozens of styles. I opted for a marquise-cut diamond in a halo-setting with a half-eternity wedding band. [More Photos.] His band was custom-made with three squared-off bands (two white gold; one yellow) and a diamond on each of the 8 corners. [More Photos.]

our rings

A family friend made our cake, I bought our cake topper online, and I assembled and wrapped my own bouquet and his boutonniere using flowers I bought for $30 at our local grocery store.

Pink Hubby got me a beautiful ring as a wedding gift...

... and presented it to me in front of the courthouse.


We met our guests there...

[Credit for the above and the following 17 pix to Shawna Noel Photography]

...and it was wedding time.

I purchased my dress from Belk.com for $200. At the time of my writing this, the dress is on sale for $48. I didn't get mine altered, though I probably should have as it was a little baggy around the torso. Oh well; I still felt beautiful in it.

I made the sash for my dress and the wrap for my bouquet from the same ribbon from Michael's. I beaded the ends of my sash to make it a little fancier.


Time for smooches....

...and portraits of course.

My bouquet lost a few petals throughout the day, but overall it stayed intact and fresh really well (even though I forgot to spray it with hairspray like the tutorial had suggested).

We included our cameras in some of the shots; photography is one of the hobbies we enjoy together.

After the photos, it was time for dinner. I have no pictures from dinner, but it was a nice one (at least, as nice as a dinner next to a table full of whiny little kids can be...). Then it was back to our house for cake!

[The rest of the photos were taken either by us, or friends/family.]

We forgot to get any sort of serving utensils for the cake. We didn't even have a pie server.

Kitchen knife did the trick!

After cake, the night was pretty much over. The nine of us sat around in our living room, stuffed with cake, and chatted until it was time to say goodnight. It was a really great day. Fun and laid-back (well, as laid-back as a 90% DIY wedding-day can be). I'm especially glad we chose to end the night at our home - the memories of the cake-cutting and celebration are priceless.

Three days later, there was a picnic to celebrate! (Thrown by the Pink Hubby Parents.) Pink Hubby and I made the invitations using supplies from Micheal's.

We got another cake, made by the same wonderful woman who made our delicious wedding day cake.

The party lasted until 3 AM (even though we personally were tuckered out and ready for bed before midnight).

The cost for all of this? $1350**. About 30% of that went to our pro photographers. Regrets? No way. "Normal" weddings are not our thing. The theatrics and overdone nature of the whole Big Church Wedding with Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and Readings and Toasts and Dancing? Not our style at all.

We did not have time to take a honeymoon after our wedding. I wish we had been able to, but we really did not have the time. We had the original plan of taking a really extravagant one next summer. With the financial stress we've been under lately, we're not sure that'll happen. We are determined to do something though. We need a break; need a vacation. So, we'll see.

There were a ton of photos above, but there are more on Flickr. Here is a convenient slideshow you can watch, or a link to the set on Flickr (if that's how you like to roll).

*(Keep It Simple, Stupid)

**Cost does not include our rings, the picnic, or the after-wedding dinner. The latter two items were given to us as gifts. If we were to include those in the costs, I'm sure we'd need to add at least another $2000 to the price, if not more. Regarding the rings: I should note that we paid out-of-pocket for them: we did not want to start our new life with a bunch of unnecessary debt.