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31 December 2009

2009 year in pictures

A few days ago, I gave you my decade. Today, I give you our year. In pictures of course!!

Super-fun hint: If the photo is clickable, it'll take you to its related post. (If it's not, tough cookies!)


Valentines Day


SemiProBono Friendgagement Shoot - March

26 years - April

We bought - and painted - the house. May.



Paint befores and afters. July.

We tore out a swingset. July.

We went to the east for a few days. July.

In the east. July.

We made some invitations. August.

We got his ring made. August.

Backyard progress. August.

Wedding. September.*


Barbeque. September.

SemiProBono Friendgagement Shoot. October.

Introducing Rusty. October.



Thanksgiving Cake Ball Failure

SemiProBono Friends family shoot. December.

Pix from this wedding, week before Christmas, coming soon.**

Christmas. December.

Christmas Blizzard. December.

Here's to a fantastic 2010!

*source: Shawna Noel Photography
**so much more to come from this wedding!