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18 December 2009

it started with a sweater

My friend is getting married tomorrow, and Pink Hubby and I are the photographers. We are also attending the wedding as guests, however (since she is one of my best friends).

I started thinking about what I might wear a few weeks ago. It's December: it's cold. Not "put a 3/4-length cardigan over that strapless dress" cold, more like "will Uggs go with this?" cold. I thought I ought to get a nice sweater.

So, I bought one. A black and gray one with a nice scoopy cowl-neck. Since photographers tend to have to crouch and bend and climb, I wanted to wear pants with it. I figured I could wear my capri-length black pants with it, plus stockings and red heels. Basically a black and grey sweater (which has short sleeves), with a red long-sleeve shirt underneath, black pants and red heels.

Then I noticed that the capris looked stupid with the heels. And the red shirt I had in mind also did not match the sweater or the heels.

So I went out and bought a new shirt for underneath - a silver/gray one. And I also bought some gray boots, and some black corduroy skinny jeans. With skinny jeans, I could tuck in the boots. I figured I'd wear the outfit (which is very monotone) with lots of shiny jewelry. So I bought some shiny jewelery too.

Well, the boots looked stupid with the outfit because the jeans weren't 'skinny' enough. I looked like I was on my way to horseback-riding lessons. The new shirt looked weird too. I liked the pants and kept them, but returned the new shirt (and kept the boots, haha).

While returning the shirt, I spotted another that I was pretty sure would work, so I made an exchange. And while in the store, I saw (guess what), a different cowl-neck sweater.

Keeping track? For this wedding, I now have bought:

The original cowl-neck sweater
A new shirt to go under the sweater
A new pair of pants to go with the sweater
A new pair of boots a new pair of boots to go with the pants and new shirt
Big shiny necklace to make it all look less gray and drab
Another cowl-neck sweater

And I will probably not even wear the original sweater, because I like the new one more. The original red heels go with the new sweater too.

Men, this is how women shop.