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02 December 2009

running here and there, all around the square, saying 'catch me if you can'

I gave a presentation last night, and that was the last of my responsibility toward that class (aside from watching/listening to the presentations of others next week).

That's a relief.

I have two more papers to write for my other class. One will be short and easy; the other long and not as easy. I hope to finish one of them tonight, after my class (which is three hours long).

On Saturday, I am throwing a bridal shower for my best childhood friend. I'm pretty concerned about it because I have given it very little thought. I feel bad about that, but I have been literally swamped with school and other things (related to our own wedding, our home, and the impending holidays). What makes a shower fun? ("Mimosas" is not the appropriate answer for this gal.)

I would also really like to get our Christmas tree this coming weekend, and decorate it.

The following week, we have a holiday party to attend, and a portrait session to do (showcasing the family's 6-week-old baby).

And the week after that is my friend's wedding. We are the photographers. We're worried about the mostly-indoor event and how it's all going to turn out. I really hope we can give them awesome photos of their wedding. The very day after the wedding is another friend's shower. Her maid-of-honor has asked for some help hosting it, but she's taking care of most of the details (thank God).

I wish I could say we're going to have a nice relaxing Christmas break away from it all, but we're not. Planning to take half a vacation day on Christmas eve, woo-freaking-hoo.

Other stuff I've been doing lately: I laid out and ordered some books from Shutterfly. More on those another time, perhaps. I also ordered some prints because I am a whole year behind in my paper photo albums. I need to catch up. And decided to do "the easy thing" and order our Christmas cards from them too. I generally like to get a little crafty and try to make a card with a portrait specifically for that purpose, but this year, we just had too much going on to focus on it.

It says:
It's been a busy and wonderful year for us! We got married, bought our first home, carved our way through another semester in school, and adopted a kitty along the way. We wish you and yours a joyful holiday season and a fabulous 2010!

It irritates me that I wrote "another semester in school"; We've done three semesters since last Christmas. Oh well.

I also embroidered our names on our Christmas stockings while drinking wine and watching DVDs of House [a man who acts like I'd probably act more of the time if I were talented enough to get away with it]. I'm not entirely happy with Pink Hubby's stocking - you can't really see his name due to the patterned area I sewed the name over, and it's kind of lumpy. I ordered him a new one so I could have a 'do-over', but they're out-of-stock/back-ordered, so that'll be a project for next year perhaps.

Last Saturday, I put up our Christmas lights. I did most of it, but Pink Hubby had to do the part that involved standing on the top step of the ladder. Stuff that involves standing on the high part of the ladder is a Man Job.

Winter is here, so I'm glad I got our lights up. It's been cold for weeks, but we finally have some proof.

It's December

On the personal albums I share with friends and family, I have labeled these as 'crazy weather' because this snow is pretty much falling straight down. Generally our snow comes whipping in sideways on the back of a 40 mph wind, creating drifts and visibility problems. This is just odd.