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23 December 2009

white christmas

We're gonna have one, I think. Forecasts range from conservative (3") to crazy (12-18") over the next couple of days. Check out the little icons:

Since we don't have any major Christmas travel planned, I'm kind of excited. I like snow and snowstorms. We rarely ever get a snow-day out of it, but it's kind of fun compared to the usual Just-Really-F*cking-Cold that we usually get. And, the temps are generally warmer when it snows. The highs during the storm are in the positive teens - much warmer than it sometimes is! I also don't mind shoveling. I think it's good exercise and an excuse to be outside. (We'll see if I still echo that sentiment if we really do get the 12-18" though!)

By the way: make this.


You will not be disappointed (unless you hate delicious things):

Melt 2 lbs of good chocolate in a double broiler. (I used 2 bags of Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate baking chips.) When it's melted, dump in about 2 cups of nuts (I used salted cashews) and 2 cups of mini marshmallows. Take it off the heat-source, give it a good stir (to coat everything), and pour it on to a cookie sheet lined with a wax paper or release foil. Spread it out so it's a pretty even single-layer of lumpy gooey goodness. If you want to, put some sprinkles or something on it like I did. Then cool it 'till it hardens. (If you're in the north, you can put it on your porch like I did.)

Break it up using a knife or pizza-cutter. Bring it to Christmas in a pretty tin, or just cram it all directly in to your face. Whatever works.


This literally took 15 minutes to make, including washing the bowl afterward. The cost depends on what kind of nuts and chocolate you use. I think as I made it, the batch cost about $12. Had I used peanuts and Hershey bars, it Probably would have been more like $8.

I probably won't post tomorrow (and those wedding pix are nowhere near ready for their debut), so happy Christmas to you if you celebrate. If not, happy long weekend.