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28 December 2009

winter wonderland

We has it.

Downtown grand forks

This photo was taken on our drive to see family Christmas day.

Going to Christmas

This blizzard rolled in on Thursday morning and kept on going until Saturday afternoon. I took this next photo on our way back in to town from our Christmas celebration. Looks like a scene from a movie, doesn't it?

Coming home from Christmas

I guess the 2005 Crown Victoria isn't the standard issue for driving on 3+ foot-snow-drifted city roads. Police snowmobile:

Downtown East Grand Forks

When we arrived home from Christmas, we had this to deal with before we could get in to the garage (Got another 8+ inches after getting home I think.)


We had already shoveled this twice at this point. Anywhere from 2 and 4.5 feet of snow covered portions our back yard...

Sidewalk behind our house

On Dec 26, some aftermath (I don't know whose houses/cars these are).


Trans Am and Cavalier.

Camry and MPV.
Covered cars

Dec 26

That's dangerous.
Drifty house

Guy shoveling his roof.
shoveling his roof

Pink Hubby and I were driving around on Saturday, taking the pics above, when we realized why we love all this snow: it makes the city pretty. Before the salt, sand, and road dirt set in, for just a couple of days, the city looked like a quaint mountain town, rather than the rural-suburban shopping-mall last-stop-before-Canada sprawl it really is.

City Street

Merry Blizzardmas!