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20 January 2010

75 minutes of my wednesday night

So tonight I decided that when I got home from class, I was going to read an article (for class).

Leaving class, I realized I had no dinner. I had crackers at home, but those'd be better with some cottage cheese. So I stopped at the store (on the way!) to get some. Since I was there, I also bought some ingredients for a few meals I intend to cook. 20 minutes gone.

I went home, put the food away. Changed out of my work clothes. Noticed some dirty clothes and put them in the hamper. Straightened the cat's bed. Came downstairs, dished out my crackers and cottage cheese. Ate it standing up in the kitchen, while also bagging some empty containers to be recycled. Another 20 minutes gone.

Noticed today's mail on the table. Put the magazine our Big Pile of Neglected Magazines We Never Have Time To Read (after skimming the article about how to grow your hair faster) and set the advertisement on top of the shredder. (The shredder is full and refuses to shred anything. Who will empty it, me or Pink Hubby? Time will tell).

I want to use the crockpot tomorrow, so I decided to get it out and put it on the counter. (Saves me time/reminds me in the morning).

Noticed the tape dispenser on the counter in the kitchen. Took it to our office and put it in the drawer.

Rusty was underfoot and bothering me, and I realized it was his dinner time, so I fed him. Had to get his dish out of the dishwasher. It was full of clean dishes; I did not put them away.

Another 20 minutes had now passed.

Opened up my laptop: finally going to read that article! I keep a list of assignments and readings in my Google Docs, so I went there but accidentally clicked on the Reader. Nine unread posts, oh boy! I clicked on one. Then remembered my article. Doh. I closed the reader and opened the article.

The PDF was taking a few seconds to download, so I came to Blogger and wrote all of this down. Another 15 minutes have now passed. It's now after 8 o'clock and I have yet to start my 50-page article.

This is a typical path my night takes. Tomorrow I will likely tell everyone that my whole night was consumed by homework. Hmmm. Was it really? Heh.

There are some milestones here, however:

--I did not empty the dishwasher, though the dishes were clean.
--I did not read the stuff in my Google Reader. That's a huge victory.
--I did not check Facebook or any of my three email accounts (and will resist the urge to do so once I have clicked Publish, also.)
--I did not check the weather forecast...yet.

I'm off to read The Qualitative Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (Kilbourne, 2006) now. TTYL.

Looks like we might get some snow this weekend. :-\