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31 January 2010

come on over

And see the new blog design. The big stuff is:

  • I now have three columns, rather than two.

  • Picture banner at the top; idea blatantly stolen from this tall girl over here.

  • Ads. I have ads now. It'd be cool if I could make a few bucks off of them, but we'll see. I tried not to put them anywhere too intrusive.

  • I added twitter updates back on to the site.

  • A real, actual [and fitting] profile pic of me. Though I did really like my old 'manga'.

  • For the month of FEBRUARY ONLY, I added a "formspring" to the right sidebar. My hope is that the questions or suggests you put in it will help me with topics for blog posts! Ask away!

  • If you normally read through Google Reader, Sage or another RSS tool, take a sec to come over and check it out. Leave a comment too, why dontcha. Hell, I spent forever on this inspiration board, and nobody even said 'boo' about it! [Insert puppy face here.]

    A special thanks to Pink Hubby for all of his work helping me with this. I have fairly workable understanding of CSS and was able to accomplish a lot of it myself, but his expertise saved me tons of headaches and time with the stuff I was struggling to figure out. Yay for nerdy husbands!

    Welp. Back to homework with me.