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02 January 2010

gonna paint me a hallway

Back in August, I started painting our dingy, stained off-white hallway the same color as the 1/2 bathroom. I got close to the end of my bucket of paint though, and didn't want to invest in more paint that point, so the project was put on hold.

Pink Hubby and I really wanted to be bold with color, but we did not want to go "overboard" with it. (I want an inviting and interesting home, but not a 'gaudy' one.)

This weekend, I plan to finish what I started. I really like this green, but I've been trying to picture what it'll look like as it coats the rest of this hallway. In this pic, you can see the part I've already done. The white part will also soon be painted green.

the green

Then the plan was take the color up these stairs...

looking up the stairs

looking back down from landing

...'round the landing...

reaching the top of the stairs

looking back down from top
(Do you like our pink blinds? I don't. One step at a time though. I can see about 10 other projects in each of these photos. One step at a time. This is the only pink window covering in the house, thank God.)

...and finally, the color would go in to this hallway, too. (In the pic below, the stairs are located to the right of the open door.)

the hall upstairs

Now it's time for mockups. Options would be:

1. Go all the way up the stairs with the green, as was the original plan.

all green

2. Carry the green partially up the stairs, then change to a neutral "wheat" color that we also have in our living room and lower landing. (You can see the wheat color here.)

half green

What do you think? I think the deciding factor for me was this: if the green went all the way up the stairs, it would butt up against our Mediterranean sunset-colored bedroom*, which I'm a little concerned about. (I think it would clash.) The rest of its 'paint neighbors' are either the neutral wheat color, or are on the "re-paint" list anyway.

Our bedroom color

After looking at the mockups, we decided to go partially green and then turn to neutral at the landing (Option 2). I'm tackling it this weekend. I'll share the result soon!

*Psst. Between you and I, I'm not entirely happy with the bedroom color. I wanted a dustier, slightly greyer-orange. What we got is about 2 steps from blood-red. It's not bad, but it's not quite what I'd wanted. Lighter accessories really have made a difference though, I think.