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28 January 2010

inspiration, move me brightly

I would like to take this:


And turn it in to this:

Inspiration board
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.)

Let's discuss.

A rug is a must. I love hardwood, but a rug really makes a difference. It's a 1920s home, so I tend to gravitate toward more traditionally-styled rugs.

Now the big pieces of furniture.
  • The sad frumpy 1980s fold-out sofa needs some help in the form of a slipcover. I will probably make the slip cover for it because it is an oddly-shaped small sofa (and it folds out, so that presents other challenges). This is not the first time I have custom-covered a piece of furniture. In college, I did a 110" long couch. No joke, it was huge; my roommate and I had found it outside on the curb. I have also done one oddly-shaped retro chair twice. I will probably stick to a neutral color for this, and some kind of texture or pattern to the fabric. (We have a cat: let's keep it real here.)

  • The futon mattress (which we have not actually bought yet) will be covered in a similar (maybe identical, maybe not) fabric to the slipcover. I will probably make that myself too. Sewing a futon cover is like sewing a huge pillow. Cinch.

  • I kind of tossed that little bench/storage cubby piece in there at the last minute. I think it's neat. would be nice under one of the windows in the home. I would want it to be that light pine/blond color because if you recall, it matches our TV stand.

  • after

    Another note about the cubby/bench: I really like the look of stuff under a window. But again, let's keep it real. When I see this...

    west elm

    ...I wonder how long it will be before the cat tries to get up on it in order to see out. Anything under a window is a cat seat, after all. So anything under a window needs to be sturdy and preferably not very breakable.

    This chair will have to leave the room, and probably the side table too (oh, and definitely the curtains):


    But the lamps on the table will probably stay.

    As for pillows, I might make them or I might buy them. Also have other furniture I may bring in to this room (such as a different side table). AND I suppose I ought to get our wedding clothes out of the short closet (viewable in the pic that shows our TV) so that a guest could potentially have some space of their own. (We currently use the full-size closet for some of our clothes and storage - a downside of an old house is that most people really did not have a lot of clothes to store back in the 20s.)

    When is all this going to happen? Gradually, over time. I need to buy the rug, the futon mattress, and a few other items. Given my workload, it could be summer before I have time to sew anything major. So we'll see. When it's done (and if I do/buy/make anything worth sharing along the way), I'll share it. For now though, this will be the last post about this room for at least a little while.

    *Major props to you if you know where what song the lyric-title of this post is from -- WITHOUT googling. ;) One of my favorite songs.