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11 January 2010

my best friend's wedding

I have known this girl for over 18 years. I met her when my family moved to the area, I started third grade and knew no one, and she volunteered to our teacher to be my 'guide' to the school. She showed me around, stuck by me, sat with me at lunch, introduced me to her other friends, and (as it turned out) we even rode the same bus. We've been friends ever since.

That said, I was very, very apprehensive about being charged with shooting her wedding. Not only is this the first wedding we have EVER shot, but we were unsure about the lighting in the church and reception space. And no one wants to be responsible for ruining their best friend's wedding pictures.

But anyway, we took a few precautions. First, we bought lighting equipment. Two stands, an umbrella, trigger/receiver sets, and two off-camera strobes (flashes). This seemed frivolous at the time, but it really saved our photos. I shudder to think what our portraits and reception shots would have been without that gear. The other precaution? We rented a very nice lens. And gawd, did it ever do its job.

Our elementary/high school friend, S, flew in from Olympia, WA for the wedding. She was charged with putting makeup on this down-to-earth girl who has possibly not worn anything other than chapstick since senior prom.

makeup by friend

E's aunt took care of her hair, while her mom worked on establishing a bridal 'calm'...

hair by aunt and mom

E looked stunning as her aunt helped her slip in to her mother's wedding dress.


The guests were arriving...

guests arriving

...and dad had the rings...

dad's hand  with the rings

It was time!

waiting with her dad

here they go...

dad and daughter

at the altar

ring exchange

E's youngest brother played the violin as they lit the unity candle.

brother playing violin

unity candle

I love this shot Pink Hubby captured of the bride's mom. Looks so proud.
proud momma



MR and Mrs

Time for lots and lots of hugging!



And portraits of course.




This is E's brother and his wife. Aren't they adorable with their blue eyes?!

the bride's brother and SIL

After the ceremony, the wedding party went for pie.


pie at RBJs

And then it was off to the reception!


at the table


Brilliant reception idea: pasta buffet!



And, my favorite part of weddings...

cake eating


...Yum! Now, let's dance! I love this shot of the bride with her dad.





I'll end this intensely photo-heavy post with this shot:
Friends for 10 to 20 years

My mother texted me and requested the photo above, and I'm so glad she did. It would not have occurred to me. Everyone in that photo has been friends since at least 10th grade, many of us since 3rd or 4th grade. It's crazy to see us now, 26 and 27 years old. I have many a prom and birthday party picture that closely mirrors this. Five of us are now married or engaged, and two of us have kids of their own. There are sadly two girls missing from the photo - they couldn't make it to the wedding for important reasons (one's having a baby, like THIS MONTH!). But they were there in spirit. (And if you didn't know, that's me in the middle, between the dude in green and the gal in maroon.) Oh, and you might recognize the pretty lady on the far left, too!

Pink Hubby's going to shoot our next wedding (in May) solo -- the ceremony, anyway -- because I'm a bridesmaid! I'm looking forward to it, now that we have one under our belts (and we survived!).