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16 January 2010

new phone hurray

Just dropping in to brag that I got a new cell phone yesterday. So did Pink Hubby. Our plans were up for "new every 2" back in September, but we were (to say the least) a little bit busy back then.

Long story short, Pink Hubby got his wisdom teeth out on Thursday morning, so by Friday night he was pretty cabin-fevery, and as a result we decided to go cell-phone shopping. We are not Blackberry people. I know everyone and their mother has a Blackberry (hell, my dad has one), but you know, I don't see the practicality for us. The plan is expensive, and generally we have access to the Internet and our computers for 20+ hours a day. So yeah, we are the Old Dinosaur People Who Have Normal Cell Phones.

He got the LG enV 3 (VX9200). I chose the Motorola Rival (A-455). We are now a divided household. Now, before you go telling me how you have one of these phones and it's the worst phone ever... take note of these circumstances:

1 - After many experiences, I have determined that you cannot trust anyone about cell phones. Everyone's phone is the worst to one person, the best to another. It's just too personal. Too many preferences and differing matters of importance. Same with carriers. All the carriers suck and all have screwed someone over. So, I don't ask for advice on phones, generally.

2 - We wanted battery life and a Qwerty. That's it. We do not browse the internet or any shit like that.

3 - We have CDMA service only in this part of the country. That means we do not have AT&T (or any other GSM carrier) and as a result, we do not have access to purchase any GSM-band phones. So your cool [insert phone model here, including iPhone] is probably a GSM phone, which we cannot get service for. We live in the boondocks, remember?

4 - No phone can suck harder than the Motorola Q9 in terms of size, usability of the menus, and battery life. [That is the phone we had until Friday.]

Now anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yeah. I LOVE MY NEW PHONE! I like Pink Hubby's too; it's just a little big for me. The guy at the store said he normally would show people how to use a new phone but given that our previous phones were the Q9, he was sure these would be super simple for us. And yeah, they are.

The menu: I can customize it!! Screw you, VZW Navigator. Remove. Mobile IM? WTF is that? Remove. My Ringtones? Whatever. Remove.

The sound: I can control it by a button on the side of the phone. Hallelujah. (Every phone I've ever owned had this feature, except the Q, which you had to configure profiles for and then change by winding through a series of menus whenever you had a situation in which the phone needed to be silent.)

The keyboard: The buttons on mine are perfect size for my long, skinny fingers. I can text on it with one hand even though it's a full Qwerty. But unlike the Q, the buttons aren't squashed together. Pink Hubby's phone has a bigger keyboard than mine, which is good for him since his hands/fingers are larger too. But mine is just right for me.

The battery: we haven't tested this completely yet, but the specs say that both of these phones have pretty long battery lives. The Q would last you 24 hours -- if that -- locked and on standby. Then it would buzz a couple of times and die.

The screen: this phone has a touch screen. I hate touch screens. But I don't hate this touch screen! It's actually pretty good. And, anything you can do with the touch screen, you can also do through the menus with normal buttons. So I have a scapegoat if I just can't deal with being all high tech and touchy-screeny sometimes (i.e. when it's -20 F and my phone can't feel my fingers, which in turn can't feel my phone).

The best discovery we made upon arriving home is that even though they are different brands, both of our new phones use the same type of charger (Micro USB). Very cool. I ordered a couple of car chargers for them on eBay, from Hong Kong for $2.18 each (free shipping of course). [I have done this for years: I never pay $20 for a charger or cord for anything in an actual store. eBay rules for this sort of thing.]

I have only made one phone call with my Rival, but I love it so far! The person I talked to said that the sound quality was much better than it bad been with my Q. Also cool.

In summary: New phone! Yay! What kind of phone do you have? Love or hate?

P.S. Wanna buy my Q9 now that I have given it such stellar compliments (hah!)? Gonna eBay it!