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04 January 2010

project hallway: complete

Well, the paint is complete at least! :)

Ready to see how I spent New Years Day and the weekend?

Trimming out the green

Painting is not Pink Hubby's idea of a fun weekend. But thankfully he loves me (and doesn't want to have to experience me clinging to the extension ladder and whimpering helplessly, paralyzed by fear. (So he did the hard parts, whew.)

Some jobs are just not for me

Rusty and the ladder

By Sunday, I found some courage of my own.

Painting the lines on this high ceiling kind of sucked

When your house is 81 years old, you find surprises around every corner. Like this, for example. The walls in our home are plaster, which is hard (sometimes impossible) to nail into without pre-drilling. Someone along the way had the "genius" idea of just sticking the trim on with tacky poster goo. [I picked off the blue goop and nailed them on (imagine that!) after I was done painting.]

The things you find in an 81 year old house


Well, I suppose I can show you the results of my painting marathon!

Downstairs hallway.

Before (May).
Before: the downstairs hall

Half-way there (August).
the green

After (yesterday).
After: the downstairs hall

Going up!

looking up the stairs

After, looking up from first floor

The Landing

looking back down from landing

After, looking down to the 1st floor.

looking back down from top

Landing, after

I know my last post said we were going to leave the pink window covering for now. I lied. It was just too hideous, especially with the green wall... too Miami-Retirement-Home for me. Eff you, ugly blind!! The sheer curtain was purchased (in a set of 2 panels) for $8, two apartments ago. It was 84" long. I cut it off at 62" -- and hemmed it to 58" -- to fit the window without blocking Rusty's access to his perch. Total time for that project was about 20 minutes, and the cost was $0 (since I already had the panel, the supplies, and the rod).

Now here's an example of how little things can really make a difference. I never planned to paint the inside of our laundry chute, but on a whim I decided to spend the 10 minutes doing it. Look at the change.

Laundry Chute

And lastly, The Upstairs Hallway

the hall upstairs

Upstairs hallway, after

The colors we used were Churchhill Hotel Wheat and Homestead Resort Moss. Both are 'National Trust for Historic Preservation' colors by Valspar. The green was our choice (we painted our half-bath with it back in May). The neutral color was painted in our living room, office and rear entryway (by a previous owner). I lucked out when I found the labeled can in the basement and it turned out to be a match. (Most of the 30+ paint cans I found in our basement were either unlabeled, or were colors not even found in the house.) Lowes was able to quickly mix a new can of it for me, and it is a close enough match that I was able to use it for touch-ups of those previously painted areas, too. I will probably do our kitchen with this color in the future.

I really love the bold green downstairs. Three of the rooms it leads to are (as I mentioned) painted with the tan color already, so we have this kind of 'green/tan' thing going on throughout the downstairs and it carries up in to the 1/2-story landing. Looking at our options, I am really glad we opted not to use the green for the entire project. While it warms up the downstairs with a bold statement of color, I think it would really darken the already dark upstairs hallway.

That's that!

Rusty checking it out

The next project on my list is a bedroom. But I'll get to that in good time. First, I have 800 wedding photos to process... And some odds and ends (from our own wedding) that I need to tie up in order to be done with that. Oh, and school starts again next week too. Joy.