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26 January 2010

snow day and autumn fog

I lied. No inspiration board post for the extra bedroom today. But no waiting on the paint either - I did it yesterday!

Monday started with a bang. We got up, got ready for work, and I left a few minutes before Pink Hubby. It was windy and snowy and awful, but oh well. It's often windy and snowy and awful here in the winter. Wind was whipping at maybe 30-40 mph. (Which is kind of normal for this area any time of year.)

So I went out and started my car and saw some drifted snow in the driveway - a lot of it at the end of the driveway. Not a big deal though. Speed (momentum) is the plan when you're dealing with most drifts. Apparently the drift at the end of our driveway was actually covering up a foot or more of broken up, fused together sharp-ass chunks of slushy ice which had been pushed there by a plow the night before. See, our weather had gotten unseasonably warm over the weekend (30s), and some sleet had fallen. This morning though, it was maybe 10 degrees, so the plowed slush was like a pile of rocks cemented together. And I tried to drive over it with my Civic.

Didn't work so well. Ended up half in, half out of the driveway, kind of elevated, wheels spinning. Then I checked my phone and found out that work was closed for the day. Snow day! Shoulda checked the phone before I left the house, right? Hindsight. After futzing around with my car for a half hour or so, we were freeeeeeee for the rest of the day. No school, no class. I thought briefly about using this extra day to get ahead on my school work. Then said "eff it. it's a free day off."


When we left off with the yellow extra bedroom 'situation', Pink Hubby was up in the air about a color. Actually, he was playing a video game or something on this unexpected day off. But I'm sure he was REALLY working on the paint color decision in his mind. I decided to badger-- I mean gently encourage him to help me pick a paint color. I had decided to paint that room.

Remember, these were my top picks from the other day:

colorswatches (valspar)

After looking in different lights, Pink Hubby chose this one.


Autumn Fog (Valspar). I don't know why I didn't notice the Autumn Fog before. This is why it pays to have two sets of eyes. It's kind of a happy medium between Shark Loop and Gull, don't you think?

Of course, the issue now was that I did not have the paint at home. I had to go to the store. So I hopped in our AWD vehicle, drove over the previously insurmountable ice mountain, and went to Lowes. Let me tell you: shopping during a blizzard is the best. Stores are open, but no one is shopping. It's like having your own personal store. Yay!

Got my paint!

Autumn Fog

Now, just a little tangent to show you some of the "perks" of an older home. This house is 81 years old. I present to you, 81 years worth of paint colors (found while sanding)!

like rings of a tree

Oh and also, there's this. There have been a lot of bad decisions made in this home throughout the years. And that isn't to say that some future owner won't think our decisions sucked. But seriously... dark gray trim? When I found evidence of this on the door to the room, I started to wonder. Then I removed some old mini-blind hardware and confirmed it. Wow. Must have been goth-tastic.

the things you find in an old house

(And yes, I realize that our window trim/frames need serious work. This is some of the worst in the house... ugh. Money, honey.)

Now it was time to dig right in. Something about the combination of the wall color and blue painter's tape really reminds me of a certain blue box...



Slowly, the yellow disappeared.

bye bye, yellow

1 coat done

Rusty took on the tough job of watching paint dry. So glad he pulls his weight around here.

watching paint dry

The photo above is after 1 coat. You can still see some yellow. Seems like the previous owners of this home (whichever owners did most of the painting) were fans of just slopping on one coat and calling it good. For me though, a second coat seemed like a pretty obvious choice. Oh, and when I said "slopping it on," I meant it. Do you see all the yellow drips and smears on the white trim (easiest to see in the pic above)? I had to go around with a tiny little paint brush and re-white-ify them. Fun.

I'll quit my bitchin' and move on to the result. Remember this:

Before 2

And now, see this.




You know, I thought about waiting to show you the "after" shots until I get all the decor in this room in place -- when I have a rug in here, and maybe a curtain that isn't brown and yellow striped, and when our futon has a mattress and is no longer in our garage where Pink Hubby hits it with his car every so often -- but it will probably be a month or two, or more before that happens. I do love how design blogs always tend to show you the hum-drum before, and then a breathtaking after. But did you want to wait a month (or more) to see the paint? Didn't think so. I'm a busy girl, decor costs money, and seeking out deals takes time. So for now, you get to see the freshly-painted room with our same mismatched furniture and junk placed randomly throughout. Just keeping it real.

Up NEXT (for real!): the inspiration board. And I promise to deliver a proper 'before and after' when I do get this room together.