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25 January 2010

strip away the ugliness

If you've got yellow in your house, don't hate me. I don't mind it in others' houses; my MIL has a lot of yellow in her home and it looks great. I just don't like yellow personally. I can't even think of any articles of clothing I own that contain yellow. I dislike yellow even more than I dislike purple. And I am not in to purple.

We successfully eradicated the yellow from our dining room before we even moved in to the house. But we HAVE been hiding up this little *ahem* secret...


Before 3

Before 2

(See that TV stand? Picked it up for $39 at the thrift store last week. Score! I think it was once a mobile kitchen island/side piece in its previous life. I am planning to do something with the doors: they currently are covered mesh screen.)

We don't really have a use for this sad yellow room. We usually call it the 'extra bedroom' or 'guest bedroom,' but it has no bed (aside from that fold-out foam love seat). We use its closets to store our overflow clothes, and it has become a home for furniture that otherwise was homeless. In my head I think of it as a "purposeless yellow room" (and sometimes, when I'm feeling relaxed [or drunk] and I'm not eyeballs-deep in homework and research papers, it gets to be the "future child's room").

We already have an office and a study area and a craft area. We barely use any of those spaces as it is, so we do not need another _____ area in the house.

Aside from my painting its ceiling back in May, this room has received pretty much no attention since our arrival. I'd like to pay it some, but I have a stumbling block: it's just So. Freaking. Yellow. And it's not even a good paint job. It's splotchy, sloppy, and I'm pretty sure they only put on one coat.

The obvious solution is: Paint the damn room.

Now... what color. It's not that big of a room, and I'd like it to feel 'crisp' and 'refreshing'.

How about grey? Up until a few years ago, you never heard about grey (!) rooms. And it sounds like it might look kind of awful. But it turns out, they can look pretty snazzy...

These first two rooms show that accessories can make a neutral grey very classy:



Love the wall color (or lack of), but this next room needs.. I dunno, a turquoise pillow or something.



This last room's a little too greeny-toned for my taste... but check out those wacky chairs!


Maybe a light steely blue would be better? But we really don't want to end up with "baby blue," so we have to be careful with this. I also am very against any purple-tinted blues. Sass & Pancakes mentioned a "stormy beach day" effect a while back sounds good to me! Just a touch of blue goes a long way...



Now we're getting brighter...



And hello, bold-but-understated! Love this too!


Note: it'd be a lot easier to figure it out if I could find more inspirational photos containing normal people's furniture. Hah. One upside, however, is that all of the trim in this room has been painted white by a previous owner. You might have noticed that in most of the inspirational photos you'll see in magazines and on the Internet, the rooms have white trim. And I like that look, I really do. But most of our home has the original wood trim work. We don't want to cover that up. So as a result, we're stuck trying to find colors that make a statement while at the same time don't make our home look like some kind of '70s basement-cave. We did pretty well with the hallway green, I think. But it's nice to not have to worry about it with this room.

Anyhoo... after the big "Grey-and-Blue-Bedroom Google Images Search of 2009," I snatched up some paint swatches at Lowes. Here they be:

Swatches to cover the yellow

The arrows (as you probably guessed) point out my faves. Pink Hubby hasn't picked his faves yet - he's debating.

colorswatches (valspar)

Churchill Hotel Wheat -- if you recall -- is the color we recently painted the hallway outside this room. I put the swatch with these so that we could judge the clash-factor. It looks kind of band-aid colored on my screen, but in person it is your basic run-of-the-mill light tan.

(By the way, are you seeing that light switch in the pic above? How sloppily painted it is? That's how nearly every single switch plate in this house is/was. We're replacing them as we go, room-by-room pretty much. This room has really cool old roundy switch plates, so I hope I can salvage them. We shall see.)

Anyway, back to the paint.

I expect that this project will take a day -- maybe a day and a half. It's not a very big room, two of the walls are not full-height, and I don't even need a ladder for it. I would like to finish painting before Easter, because we anticipate guests. Since I generally like to tackle projects like this over a long weekend, President's day weekend may be my best bet. We shall see if homework, motivation, and money expenditures align! Or I might just do it today, since today is a freaking SNOW DAY! (More on that later.)

Yellow, your days (weeks? hours?) are numbered!

Next up, I'll make an inspiration collage/board of sorts to show you my vision for the completed room.