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12 February 2010

frivolity, for sure

Unless you're a brand new reader, you probably know that Pink Hubby and I got married on Sept. 9, 2009. Aaaaand you should also know that at that time, we made the decision to postpone our honeymoon. We had a lot of reasons for doing this, ranging from unstable finances to busy semester schedules. But boy, did we feel it! Going right back to work and class after getting married didn't exactly put the "exclamation point" on our wedded bliss.

Due to a friend's May wedding and the summer session classes we'll taking in May/June, it looks like our honeymoon will be pushed to July of this year. Early August would be OK too, but we don't want to return home and go directly back to school (and school starts in late August).

We have never taken a real vacation before, and I have to say, it's really hard to think about spending a whole bunch of money on something so frivolous. Our money is generally eaten by our house, our bills, our classes, and our other 'responsible' investments. Paycheck after paycheck and year after year, we're sitting on our butts in BFE North Dakota, discounting our yearning to relax and travel, and convincing ourselves to settle for a day off at home, or a drive down to Fargo to shop at The Slightly Larger Macys. But we've made up our minds: we're going to splurge. We're going to get on a plane and the plane is going to land somewhere other than a close proximity to a relative's house.

Long story short, we're now focused on finding something unforgettable and awesome to do between late June and mid-August.

Here are some of the options we have been considering:

Focus on a certain area of the U.S. or Canada
Stay in a nice hotel or series of hotels, rent a car, and kind of road-trip around. (Suggestions: Boston area, Pacific Northwest, Nova Scotia/New England). We kind of put the kibosh on this one though because even though it's probably the most cost-effective, it's also the least fabulous. We want to do something amazing we wouldn't otherwise do... and we could see ourselves taking domestic vacations in the future (possibly with [or without] children in tow).

An All-Inclusive Resort
It just seems to EASY. And tropical. And relaxing. Relaxation is my friend. I like sitting. And eating. And drinking. And chilling. We like it very much, yet we do it very little in my day-to-day life.

A Cruise
It seems like so much fun! It's kind of like a floating, traveling resort, right? We could enjoy the resorty stuff while also seeing some cool foreign sights.

There are so many choices out there - we really are having trouble figuring out how we want to spend our vacation. We do know a few things that we want, and a few things we'd like to avoid...

Tons of kids, families, and crowds? No.
Adults-only isn't a requirement, but we are looking for places that don't necessarily cater to kids/families. We want a quiet, romantic getaway... not a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

Luxury? Yes.
Neither of us has been on an extravagant vacation before (and we probably won't be making a habit of it any time soon), so as I said, we want to splurge on this. We want to be spoiled and we want to be 'kings for a week or so'.

Exhaustion and a tight schedule? No.
"Exhaustion and a tight schedule" is an accurate representation of our day-to-day life, am I right? We'd love to do a little sight-seeing and touristy stuff, but we do not want an over-scheduled trip during which we would live out of our suitcases, move from hotel to hotel, and be constantly be checking our watches with worries about making it to our next destination on time.

Relaxation? Yes Yes Yes.
As I was saying before, I am not sure I even know/remember how to relax. Even when I'm watching a movie or taking a hot shower, I am constantly running through my to-do list in my head, planning out my next moves. So, good books, great scenery, yummy foods, tasty adult beverages and NO HOMEWORK within thousands of miles sounds like a nice foundation for a vacation!

Boredom? No.
We don't want to be bored out of our minds though, wishing we'd saved the money and just spent a week at home doing the laundry. Pink Hubby is a little concerned about this, specifically with the all-inclusive options. So, we're trying to find some options that offer a lot of variety.

We haven't figured out where we're going yet, but we are both scouring travel websites, travel blogs, message boards, cruise line sites, resort sites, and other resources to figure out where to spend our precious dollars and our [even more] precious vacation time.

We want to book something soon, so hopefully I'll have an update before long. And then it'll be a countdown to laziness and sloth. :)