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01 February 2010

idea for a new blog

Do you have those friends on Facebook whose statuses always *get* to you? Maybe they are your cure to boredom: they put every waking moment on Facebook so you're never stuck in that surfing slump where you have looked at everything on the whole entire Internet already and still no one is updating. Except this one guy. Or maybe this particular friend leads the life you always dreamed of leading, and their status reflects that.

Anyway, I have one. She's a girl I met in grade school. We were good friends throughout high school -- lived a few miles apart and even had a few sleepovers -- and we still occasionally chit-chat.

She's married, a Mormon, and a stay-at-home mom. Has a very nice family and I mean her no disrespect. But her Facebook statuses make me want to start a blog called...

Facebook Statuses of a Mormon Housewife

She's pretty faithful to Facebook, posting almost every day. Her posts are like this*.

"Good morning! I am gonna go make some pancakes for us! Today me and [child's name] are going to bake a cake and then we're all going to head to the zoo as a family!"

"Whew I worked hard today, got that whole closet cleaned out! Now gotta decide what's for dinner for us? Mac and Cheese, or Spaghetti?"

"Got the bathrooms cleaned today and they are spotless! I'm so glad [hubby's name] is home tonight! I just put the kids to bed and now we're gonna eat some Chinese food he brought!"
AGAIN, I mean her no disrespect. In fact, part of me is super-duper jealous of their situation. I am not trying to make fun of her here. Especially when I'm pouring over paperwork and problems at work, and stuck between ERIC and jStor at school. She seems to have a great life. I'm very happy for her.

Her life is just so different from my life and the lives of many of my other friends. Lives [and hence, Facebook statuses] filled with stress and four-letter words, overflowing, messy closets and coffee for breakfast (with a multivitamin chaser of course).

I also mean no disrespect to any Mormons or housewives. I love both. While I am not religious myself, I honestly do think that when it comes to religion and family values, the Mormons have it right. (I think it was the South Park movie where this was announced... right?) I swear, whenever I see what looks like a well-off, well-groomed family with well-behaved children, I tend to assume they must be Mormon. That's probably wrong of me, but it's true. Anyway... you already know some of my feelings on housewives.

Like I said, I am not making fun of my friend, and of course I will not be starting the aforementioned blog. It's just... interesting, isn't it? How Facebook, Twitter, and other social media tools allow us windows into the lives [perceived lives?] of people much different from ourselves. Something to ponder.

*Not her actual posts. I made these up. Her posts are pretty similar though.

P.S. I have gotten a handful of questions on that Form-spring "Ask Me Anything" form over there on my sidebar. Ask me some more! They're good ones, so far, and I'm planning answer them all at some point on Wednesday.