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08 February 2010

nothing is your fault, dear student

I took a really long survey earlier about student health and wellness. They said my email address had been randomly drawn (and this was the 4th or 5th time they had emailed to remind me to take it). So I finally took it.

The questions were all like...

In the last 12 months have you...
[Y/N] experienced tons of crushing stress due to schoolwork
[Y/N] felt overwhelmed by how much you had to do
[Y/N] felt like you might die horribly under a pile of unfinished assignments

[I may have, uh, paraphrased the wording a little.]

If yes, how did you deal with this...
[Y/N] Sought counseling from campus resources.
[Y/N] Sought counseling from off-campus resources.
[Y/N] Took prescription drugs for anxiety/stress.
[Y/N] Took drugs not prescribed to you for anxiety/stress.
[Y/N] Drank alcohol/took recreational drugs.
[Y/N] Raped somebody/got yourself raped.
[Y/N] Tried to kill yourself.

Seriously, most of the questions were like this. I want to know: where is the checkbox for:

[Y/N] Sucked it up, quit being a baby and got the goddamn work done, which made me feel better.

Note: Obviously I realize that a lot of people have serious issues and need help for them. I hope they do have access to the help they need so that they do not hurt themselves or others. But this survey and other campus surveys like it seem to often assume that the majority of students are unable to take care of themselves. If I were to take the questions seriously, I could easily find ways to blame my own organizational skills issues on everyone but myself, absolving myself of all responsibility for my thoughts and actions. Personally, I believe the surveys are immorally skewed to point out flaws (which may or may not actually exist) in the campus community's efforts to distribute information about programs and resources for stuff like this.