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02 February 2010

wii fit, for cats

I haven't used the Wii Fit in months (222 days, according to the snotty, condescending Fit-Board character!) because down in the basement (where our TV is), there really isn't room (vertically) for it. (I kept whacking my knuckles on the dropped ceiling.)

So Pink Hubby hooked up our Wii to our old TV for me. You can see it in this post. I started using it again a few days ago.

Rusty -- by the way -- is one of those TV-watching cats who will totally sit there for several minutes and make it seem as though he is actually watching a movie.

We got Rusty in October (hint: that's less than 222 days ago). So he has no idea wtf the Wii Fit is all about. Last night, for example, I was doing the boxing. Just think about it:

  • Spinning red boxing gloves on the boxing dummies

  • The boxing 'instructor' Mii dancing around.

  • The blue and red flashing foot patterns.

  • The yellow starbursts when you hit the target

  • The odd little noises from the various stimuli.

  • The poorly-coordinated human in the center of the room, lurching on and off the white platform while waiving the remote (which has a dangling strap) and the nun chuck (which is connected to the remote by a dangling cord) around in the air.

  • Poor guy didn't know what to do. He'd sit in front of the TV, staring. Stand up on his back legs and reach for the movement on the screen. March up to me and try to take me down, one leg at a time. Jump at the nun-chuck cord. Leave the room, come back. Make low, whiny howling sounds at the screen.

    I won't even get started on the little pink balance-indicator dot that appears on the screen when you're doing the Yoga exercises (and waivers like crazy, if you sort of suck at it like I do)... I didn't think he would sleep last night. Or ever again.