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24 February 2010

you asked... the beginning of the end

We've reached the end! The last of the "Ask Me Anything" questions.

What I didn't tell you yesterday is that I'm going to answer several of these questions with posts of their own. Partially because I need blog-fodder, especially now (it's a pretty busy time of the semester for me). And partially because some of them are just going to be that long and detailed.

Today's post contains answers to five questions that have short-ish answers. For those of you who asked me about my job, my PhD, where I want to live, hobbies, and what makes me tick (oh, and I didn't forget the question about "pink" either!)... you're gonna have to wait. (But not like, weeks or anything. Don't worry.)

Let's roll...

Have you been watching the Olympics? If so, what is your favourite sport?
Yes, we definitely have been watching whatever we can (within the constraints of school, work, and the fact that we're watching it on non-HD TV with an antenna because we don't have cable). My favorite sport is the half-pipe snowboarding. I liked the men's and womens, but especially the men's 'cause they catch more air and don't seem to fall as much (sorry ladies, you're awesome too...I would slide down the middle on my butt, personally).

Are you able to be happy for a friend and colleague who gets a promotion you want and applied for? You think she deserves it, but so do you.
It doesn't really work that way in my office. Just not that kind of environment. We don't compete for promotions - we are allocated percentages at each fiscal year. If someone else were to get a raise and they deserved it, I would be happy for them (even if I thought I deserved it too). Sure, in private I might wonder 'why her/him and not me?' but I think anyone would.

You stated that Pink Hubby doesn't drink alcoholic beverages, do you guys drink at all? I ask this because me and my FI are complete NON DRINKERS, and we get a lot of puzzled looks when we state so.
I drink. I like wine, long island iced teas, straight Patron, and occasionally a beer. I don't get drunk though, and we don't go out to parties or bars. (Those things do exist in ND (the binge drinking capital of the US - woop) but we just don't care to do it.) I personally think there are two kinds of non-drinkers. The kind that are non-drinkers by principle (i.e. they believe drinking is wrong), and the kind that are non-drinkers 'cause they don't like the taste/experience/don't see the point. Pink Hubby is the latter kind. He will occasionally have a drink with me at home - he is very much against anyone driving after having even one drink - but he generally prefers a cold Root Beer over anything alcoholic.
Going back to what I said about the 2 kinds of drinkers. I have noticed that those who are non-drinkers on principle will go out of their way to tell people they don't drink. Example:
Waiter/Friend/Bartender: What can I get you?
Principled Non-Drinker: I would like Diet Coke because I do not drink alcohol.
Person Who Just Doesn't Like It: I would like a Diet Coke.
See the difference?
People with principles tend to draw attention to their principles. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. But Pink Hubby doesn't do that, so generally there's no undue attention on his beverage choices. Everybody chooses not to drink sometimes. So a lot of times, people won't notice. Sure, occasionally someone will get on Pink Hubby about not drinking ("you gotta have a beer, come on!") but he pretty much ignores the peer pressure, or says 'no' and that's the end of it. A lot of it has to do with social situations. The friends we see most aren't big-time drinkers, and we don't go out to bars and parties. We're also not in to sports (live or televised). So aside from the occasional holiday function or whatever, the issue doesn't often come up.

This next series of questions was asked as one - I just broke them down a little for ease of answering.
What do you and PH do for fun - away from school and your home life?
Our home life pretty much is our life (away from school, and our jobs). Together, we like to talk, watch movies (Netflix or occasionally in the theater), go out to eat, and take photos. We take a lot more photos in the warmer months, for obvious reasons. We like to drive around the country side (or the city) and look for stuff to photograph. Pink Hubby likes to read really thick, old, educational books for fun (he will smile when he sees that). He also likes to play strategy games and other games on his computer when he has time. And, he tinkers with technology stuff when it needs tinkering-with. I like to do home improvement stuff (like painting, decor). I also like to put together photo albums (real ones, on paper! Not digital, though I have those too). I also really enjoy working on cars. Since we have newer cars, I can't and don't have to really work on them, but I can detail them and fix the little chips/etc that happen in our harsh winters and rural conditions. Oh, and I blog (duh).

What are your favorite movies or music artists/songs or authors/books?
Movies: Harold & Maude. Garden State. Halloween (and pretty much any John Carpenter horror). Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Lots of others, but these came to mind right away.
Music: Uuuuuhmmm. Aside from the 'Dead... The Killers. Audioslave. Fountains of Wayne. Radiohead. The Beatles. Jimmy Buffet. Elliot Smith. Rush. The Shins. Eminem. The Moody Blues. Death Cab for Cutie. Stereolab. Pavement. The Scissor Sisters. Rage Against the Machine. Older Bob Dylan. Soundgarden. Simon and Garfunkel. The Flying Burrito Brothers. Roger Miller. Stone Temple Pilots. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Hot Hot Heat. Neil Young (spanning his whole career, including solo, Buffalo Springfield, CSNY and Crazyhorse years). (I could go on forever. I firmly believe there's a song for every mood - and I know the lyrics to all of 'em.)
Books: It's embarrassing how little I read for pleasure. I used to love it. I still do. But when I read now, it's books with titles like "Methods for Advanced Qualitative Research." One claim to fame I do have is that I have read -- and I own -- everything Stephen King has ever published... including his non-novel books (like "On Writing..."). I know he isn't one of the best writers out there, but when I liked his books a lot in jr. high and high school, and now they still entertain me. When I'm not reading for school, I like light reading that won't hurt my brain. I'm open to recommendations for what I should bring on our honeymoon. So far, I have Time Traveler's Wife (have not seen it or read the book yet) and To Kill a Mockingbird (haven't read that either...yet).

What has really inspired you over the years (yes, I read the Grateful Dead post)?
Hmm. This is tough. I don't want to say 'nothing inspires me,' but I really haven't ever -- and don't -- think about it very much. I just live. I think as a younger person I suffered from the same thing that many people do: waiting for my life to start. A few years ago, I realized that whether I was in school or not, whether I was married or not, whether I had kids or not, whether I had a successful career or not... this was my life. It was not going to start when I finally earned all of the things I wanted to earn. I think now, I am inspired to be intelligent, to live comfortably, and to continue to work toward building a happy and successful future for myself and my family.

What do you struggle with?
Being inspired! Haha. But seriously: I'm a pragmatist. I like to get things done quickly, practically, and satisfactorily. I like solutions. I am not a person who sits around and gets all philosophical and weepy/dreamy about what could have been, what might be, and all that. I just live and try to be happy when I can. I'm not a free spirit or anything... just a realist. If I struggle with anything, I suppose it's balancing priorities. Or at least the frustration of not being able to do much in the way of relaxation or fun stuff (because I'm busy doing school stuff on most evenings and weekends).

Last one for today...
What are some of your favorite websites to haunt?
I used to have a huge long list of bookmarks. But now, it's almost to the point where if Google Reader can't deliver it to me, I'm not going to read it. Obviously, I check the news and weather. The only non-RSS places I visit fairly regularly are to the Sharing Machine Comics - Natalie Dee, Toothpaste for Dinner, Married to the Sea, and Super Poop. Oh, and I also like Cyanide and Happiness and XKCD. No, they're not all funny every day, but when they are, they are totally worth all that exhaustive bookmarks-menu-opening effort. Why am I going through all of this linking madness? A good selection of the blogs and sites I like are linked in my sidebar here. It's not all-inclusive though, and hasn't been updated in a while. I have at least twice that many sites in my Google Reader, and do plan to update my links here... eventually.

Thanks so much for asking all of these questions this past month! It's been really fun!! And also, in case you hadn't figured it out... you can leave comments on my blog and I will respond (either with a comment back, or with a new post). You can even do it anonymously since I don't force you to use a login/name to comment here. (I'm not in to checking people's IPs, etc... and I wouldn't do so unless there was some crazy threat-situation I was worried about.)

If you didn't see your question answered here, it's because you guys asked me 20+ questions this week and I've decided to draw this out and devote a whole post to some of those remaining. Staaaaay tuned!

*hint* If you want, you can still use the form on the sidebar 'till the end of February! I'll leave it up 'till then. And then I'm going to answer them up and be done with this fun-but-time-consuming trend.