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17 February 2010

you asked... a [kind of brief] round three

Welp. It's time for round three. Here's round two, and here's number 1. Oh, and a bonus. While I love the three questions I was asked this week, I must say: I'm a little disappointed by how FEW question were asked. And a little jealous too. Many of the bloggers I follow are getting dozens (or hundreds!) of questions. Me, not so much. I guess I'm not just not all that interesting, eh? You have one more chance to ask me anything right here. After next Wednesday, I'm taking down the option. Anyway... here are the answers to this week's questions.

Do you guys have a full size bed? Or is that just the sample? If you do, do you sleep comfortable? are you snugglers? LOL
Hehe, I like this question. The bed posted a pic of the other day was indeed a sample, but we have a Queen-sized bed in our home (and that's the size of the frame we ordered). We slept on a double-bed for about 6 months before buying our queen mattress set. The double was fine and we probably would have kept it if we didn't need a new mattress anyway. (Seriously. The double mattress I had was the one my mother had used in her apartment before she got married to my dad.) Are we snugglers? Sometimes. It depends on the temperature in the room and how heavy the blankets are. We don't need tons of room for ourselves... but it's nice to spread out once in a while. Queen is a good size for us (provided that we don't, um, expand with age). We figure that if we were to buy a larger bed in the future, the queen sleigh bed could be put in a guest room in a future home (or given to a [spoiled] child!).

Would you consider doing another "365 Days" project on Flickr, or were you burned out after finishing the first one?

Actually, I really loved doing 365 days. 2006/2007 was a crazy time for me, but the project taught me a lot about myself and about taking good self-portraits. I keep meaning to do it again, and in fact fully intended to start up on January 1, 2010. And then I forgot, until about the 10th. Whoops. If and when I do it again, it'll probably be a photo-a-day, rather than a self-portrait a day. I find that many of the self-portraits are forced and/or trivial when you're forced to do one daily. But there is always SOMETHING of interest to shoot on a daily basis. So we'll see. My next possible date of beginning will be my 27th birthday, coming up in a few months.

Since you're a blogger, what is your opinion of Dooce (Heather Armstrong)? Do you read/have you read her blog?

Sure, I read Heather's blog. I have (on and off) for years. And I really like it. Honestly, she posts a lot more pictures there these days (and less lengthy posts) than she used to. While I totally understand that, I wonder how that is working for her, business-wise. While I love her photos, I think people read her blog for her witty commentary. I've noticed that there isn't as much of that lately.

I don't know her, so I can't exactly give an opinion of her as a person. But I think I'd really like her. She seems very honest, and a little profane. Sounds like the type of person I'd get along with. And I really admire her lifestyle. To make a living from blogging?! Really? (Seems like a pretty good living, too.) It sounds like a dream to me. Good for her, and good for her family.

That's it for this week's questions. You have one more chance to ask me anything right here. I'll answer the final round next Wednesday.