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16 March 2010

abortions for some! tiny american flags for others!

*Heavy sigh*


Today, let's talk about...

What do you think the government's biggest problem today is?

OMG. Seriously I don't like this question. Honestly I'm answering it now, against my will to get it out of my inbox so that it will stop looking at me.

I have a degree in political science, but that doesn't mean I know anything about politics! Sheesh. But I'll try. Everything below is purely opinion. Please read it all before you make comments. And please don't be a meanie in your comments. Differences of opinion are welcomed, but be NICE, for godsakes. We're all adults, aren't we?

I don't necessarily identify with a political party, but I do tend to vote liberal. Even though I've been told that I'm more of a fiscal conservative (Republican-lean), I do believe that social programs, education and widely available healthcare are important. Sure, we could just close ourselves up in our houses and say "Well *I* have insurance/education/etc so that's all that matters". But the fact is that the availability of quality services effects all of us. Rich or poor, insured or not insured. I don't pretend to know the answers to these problems.

Would a socialist government (i.e. Canada) be better? I'm not sure. Canadians are taxed at a muuuuuuuuuuuch higher rate than we are, I think. Much less take home pay. But when it comes to health care and other things, they have their shit covered. (Sidenote: I was born in Canada, so I have learned about some of this stuff through what my parents have shared. Canada sounds like a much better place than the U.S. to be pregnant and have a baby, IMO.) I believe they have a pretty good education savings system there too, but I don't know enough about it to comment.

I voted for Obama in the recent election, and here's why. McCain/Palin scared the shit out of me. She: so uneducated about such basic government functions and worldwide views. He: Well. Hmm. I used to like John McCain. But by the time he got in to the presidential race, he was less a middle-of-the-road/reasonable Republican, and more a senile, bible-thumping, painfully old man. Obama had big dreams, and I knew (as with any politician) that most of them are/were too lofty for one administration to conquer. You can't simultaneously start new programs and clean up the enormous mess left by your good ol' boy predecessor.

But anyway. Three of the biggest reasons I voted for Obama: Stem cell research, gay marriage, and Womens' Right to Choose. Basically, big liberal/conservative hot-buttons.

Gay marriage is just... I don't know. It seems fine to me. I'm married and I don't see any reason others shouldn't be either, if they have chosen to spend their life with someone. I can't believe those ads and campaigns where people compare it to marrying an animal, or to polygamy. COME ON NOW. Seriously, what are you... 8 years old? Anyway, back to the positive. If I was in love with a woman, I'd want to marry her. It would really suck to not be able to have rights to visit her, if she were sick in the hospital for example. Or to not be able to be ineligible to share my heath insurance benefits with her because we are not legally bound together as.. well, wife-and-wife. I think gay marriage is gonna happen. I don't know a lot of gay people, but I have known some. Men and women. And it's not like they're freak shows or anything! They're just normal, and usually amazingly adjusted people (given all the flack they get from society), who happen to love someone of the same gender. What's hilarious to me is how many people out there say they support gay marriage between women, but not men. Why? "Because two men is just gross." LOL. (See, apparently if there are two men, there are also two p3nises. OMG!)

Ok now... stem cell research? Why? I have a personal stake in it. There are so many diseases that could be cured, so many people's lives that could be better and longer, if this important type of research were better funded. Yeah, I know they use fetus cells in the research. Big whoop, what happens to the fetus otherwise? It just gets thrown away. While live people suffer and/or die from illnesses that might have been treatable through the results of the research. It's not as if women are going to go out and get pregnant just so they can abort their baby and give it up to stem cell research. I just don't really see that happening.

Which brings me to my next point: Abortion. People think that those who support abortion support killing babies. Eh, I don't know. What I do know is this. At this point in my life, I wouldn't have an abortion. I'm not ready for a baby, but I have the home, the supportive partner and the financial means to make myself ready. But years ago? Yes, I would have (if I had gotten pregnant). I am trying to build a strong financial and professional future here. Why should any young girl be denied that just because of one stupid mistake? Or worse yet - because she was raped? Or maybe it's a mother who has several kids already, and really cannot afford another. Or maybe she has a "me-or-the-unborn-baby" health situation. Many anti-abortion laws put a partially-formed fetus' life ahead of the established life of a woman in her 20s or 30s. For real? That's just crazy talk, IMO. Seriously. Now, I'm not saying I promote abortion. Hell no. I am saying it should be the woman and her family's decision -- not the government's. Like the stem-cell thing, I highly doubt that abortion's existence causes women to throw caution to the wind and get pregnant because "hell, i can just abort it!" I have never been through it, thankfully, but I am sure it is a hard and personal choice for anyone involved, regardless of what route they choose.

If you disagree with me, are you religious? And if so, are you disagreeing with me because your religious beliefs don't mesh with the idea of abortion? That's totally fine. I respect your beliefs and opinions. But I don't generally think it's very cool when people insist that others MUST CONFORM to someone else's beliefs and opinions. To me, that's what "Pro-Life" argument is doing. It's saying "No abortions, for anyone, even if the person is morally OK with the idea." A "Pro-Choice" standpoint doesn't force abortions on those who don't want them. But a "Pro-Life" standpoint forces women who can't/don't want to handle a child to have one. See the difference?

So that's it for this lofty question. I'm expecting some backlash and differences of opinion on this one, and that's fine. Just please keep your comments civil, respectful and informed! If I judge a comment to be meanspirited and/or attacking anyone, I'm going to delete it.

*P.S. Even though I took down the "February formspring" feature on my sidebar, I'm still accepting questions here. My ongoing plan is to answer them on this blog, whenever I have time, until the inbox is empty. Once it sits empty for a week, I'll disable it.