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02 March 2010

the birthday edition

Sunday was Rusty's first birthday. We don't - technically - know that, but that is the date we chose for him. When my friend found him, her vet told her he had probably been born in January 2009. However, she and I both thought he was too little for that birth date. When we adopted him, I took him to a vet (in October 2009) who said he was probably 6 or 7 months old. So, I just kind of picked him a birthday in late February and called it good.

Why the 28th? Well, it's also the date Pink Hubby proposed to me in 2009. We don't celebrate an 'engagi-versary', but I figured this'd be kind of a fun way to remember the day.

So on February 28, 2009: Pink Hubby proposed to me, and Tiberius was [probably not] born.

Rusty got him some presents.

His favorite type of mouse

My mom mailed the green ones to us. Obviously she's a better cat 'mommy' than I am [I'll show you proof of this in a minute]. I just kind of plopped his still-packaged presents on the floor, unwrapped.

Two mice in a row...

Rusty really likes this particular type of mouse. It's just a cheap Walmart mouse, but man he loves them. My mom got him one for Christmas, and she sent another for his birthday. I bought the other two for him, so now he is in kitty heaven with four mice (necessary because he frequently loses them under things).

One of three mice he received

Ribbon is more interesting

My mom also sent him the bear. He's not sure about the bear. He has another bear too - he likes that one, but it's not quite so heavy. This one has beans or something inside it, so it's pretty heavy! Still, he was dragging it around last night for a while, so he must like it a little.

Below is a video of him playing with his mouse/mice. The end demonstrates why he now owns four of them.

And here some bonus kitty-talk, guest-starring Wednesday. This is an example of how (gift-wrapping aside) my mother is a much more attentive 'cat owner' than I am. The photo below shows Wednesday. If you used to read my old blog (years ago) and/or you know me I-R-L, you probably recognize this cat. My ex and I adopted Wednesday in 2004 as a kitten. In 2008, my mother and father agreed to take her due to various issues with rental housing and such.

ANYWAY... Wednesday used to be pretty tough. She was born under a lawnmower. She lived with me in a damp, barely-heated basement for about 14 months. She rode (without a cage) in my car's back seat on our Great Three-Day Cross Country Move of 2005, sometimes hanging her head out the window like a dog, enjoying bits of hamburger and milkshake from drive-thrus. She was a pretty hardcore cat. Now? Not so much. My parents are the perfect people for her - boy do they spoil her! She's got them SO trained. She has her own pillows to sit on under all the windows, she gets multiple meals per day (and snacks), she has routine play times and cuddle times... And now... this.


My dad explained that Wednesday has formed a new habit of sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar when dinner is about to be served. The other night they had fish, so they set her a place. With a gold-rimmed dish and a tiny little NAPKIN. I know where Rusty wants to go for summer vacation.

Additionally, it's no wonder that Wednesday pretends I don't exist when I visit my parents' house.