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17 March 2010


Where I went to college, in Eugene Oregon, there was a restaurant called Hodgepodge. It was some kind of funky Americanized fast-food Hawaiian. They sold a pretty big cup of rice with a squirt of teriyaki sauce on it for a buck-fifty, and you could also get little banana bread slices.

That is not what this post is about. It's... more questions! Something lighter and easier to stomach, after that previous post. These are all pretty much unrelated and fairly short to answer, so I figured I should just hit them all at once.

What's the coolest part of working at [where you work]? The lamest?

Hmmm. The coolest is probably that they let me go to school while working for them full time, and they pay some of my tuition for me. Yeah, that's definitely cool.

Lamest? Oh, I dunno. It's kind of lame when I have to make shitty little technical fixes to things all the time. I think we should have a student worker hired to do that, but some privacy laws disagree with me. Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Favorite thing to do as a child? (games, toys, activities, etc)

I was an only child, so I didn't do a lot of games. I spent a lot of time drawing though, and playing with my matchbox cars and wooden blocks and Legos. When I got older and we lived in Minnesota, I would go outside and paddle around in the pond near our house, in our canoe. Wow, what an interesting life!! Hah. I was a swimmer in junior high/high school, so that took up a lot of my time. I had also discovered the Internet by age 12 or 13, so my time was pretty much filled with Yahoo searches and memorizing HTML code. Oh and I also enjoyed reading books that were too old for my age. Like The Shining and The Stand - read those in 4th or 5th grade, much to my mom's dismay. The Thornbirds too.

How did you name your cat?

This is his namesake. When we got him, we had recently watched the new (2009) Star Trek movie. When the baby is born, Kirk's mom is all "Let's name him after your father!" and Kirk's dad is all "Tiberius! No that's the worst!"

We mostly call him Rusty. Which is sort of a nickname for Tiberius if you don't think too hard about it. And I call him Buddy a lot - I'm not sure why.

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

I am preparing to write a dissertation. That's a book right? It's about boring educational research.

But seriously... a book? I don't really know honestly. Pink Hubby and I have talked about writing a book together someday. It'd probably be some kind of textbook-type-book about interface design (more boring educational research!).

Is there a food item that you're ashamed or embarrassed that you love? What is it and what makes it so embarrassing/shameful?

Chicken McNuggets came right to mind. I really really like them. I don't like most fast-food, and McDonalds is at the bottom of the list (Hardees at the top of the local selection). But I do love me some McNuggets. With Sweet & Sour sauce. Mmmm. Incidentally, McDonalds seems to be the only [fast food] place in town where I can get a strawberry milkshake. But I still hate McDonalds and am embarrassed to tell someone I like the McNuggets.

Another one is frosting. I loooooove buttercream frosting. I can eat SO MUCH of it. I don't even particularly like most kinds of cake. It's the frosting I crave. I'm a little embarrassed at office parties when I not only request the corner piece, but also scrape the extra frosting off the spatula onto my plate. Then I leave half the cake on my plate, having carefully removed and eaten all of the frosting. Pink Hubby got me a cake with double-frosting last year. Here is a picture of it.

So you can really appreciate how much frosting was on this cake

He's the best.

(It takes a lot to give me a 'sugar high'. I also love cotton candy and candy corn, and have on multiple occasions eaten an entire family-sized bag of Brachs Valentine Conversation Hearts in one sitting.)

What words (slang or other) do you think get used/thrown around too much online? Do you avoid or embrace them?

I hate "random". I'm guilty of saying it, but it still grates on me when I hear it and/or hear myself say it. (That's so random! *Barf*).

Oh and I am SO SICK of "DIY" being used as a verb/adjective. "I DIY'd this!" You mean you did it yourself. That and STD. I understand that it's wordy to keep on typing "do it yourself" or "save the date" over and over again. But I still think these abbreviations are way overused. Especially with STD, which obviously also means, uh, something else. On the wedding boards, everybody's talking about OOT bags. All I can think of is Canadian accents.

What's a bad habit of yours that you're looking to kick?
Nail biting. It looks gross, feels gross, and is gross. Yet I do it constantly. CONSTANTLY. Ugh. I've been trying to kick it for oh, about 20 years now. Hmph.

What do you consider your best personality trait? What personality traits do you think are important in your friends?

Is hating bullshit a personality trait? I don't like a lot of B.S. (A.k.a. Lolligagging around, playing grabass, shooting the shit, etc.) I don't B.S. my clients at work, for example, and they tend to appreciate it. I think that people who hate B.S. can spot others who hate B.S. from miles away. We have an unspoken understanding or something. Maybe this is why I have trouble making lasting women-friends? A lot of women enjoy beating around the bush, being coy, being overly polite, putting it nicely and/or making others guess how they really feel. Not me. Of course, I understand tactfulness. But I don't like to drama everything up either. There's a balance. So for my friends, I suppose I expect the same. Honesty and lack of needless drama. This isn't Jerry Springer all up in here. I also like a friend who can laugh at him/herself and isn't afraid of being awkward or dorky. I'm awkward and dorky, so I would feel out of the place with perfect friends.

What are some things that you feel should do all the time in your house, but only do when you have company coming over?
Cleaning the floors. The floors get dusty, dirty, and cat-hairy. And then we get that on our socks and hence, it gets on the couches and ottomans. If I were to clean the damn floors once in a while, I wouldn't be frantically lint-rolling the chairs seconds before people sit down in them. Also, I almost never dust. I believe if the floors were cleaner, it wouldn't be so dusty in out house... so I'll just blame it on the floors.

Also, sometimes doing the dishes falls by the wayside for a few days... I have a thing about having dirty dishes on the counter when visitors are over. I must take care of them! And if someone was staying over, I'd definitely need to give the tub a good scrub. Other than that, not much. The house is half-way tidy most of the time, and most of our normal messes (i.e. dirty undies) are 'hidden' down in the basement.

Fun questions! I still have more to come, so stay tuned!

*P.S. Even though I took down the "formspring" feature on my sidebar, I'm still accepting questions here. My ongoing plan is to answer them on this blog, whenever I have time, until the inbox is empty. Once it sits empty for a week, I'll disable it.