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11 March 2010

ikea sure is expensive when you think about it

I have only actually been to IKEA twice, ever. But I love it. We have not been there since, oh, late 2007, I think. So we definitely have not been there since we bought the house.

I very much like to go to their website and drool over the delicious accessories and shelving units and chairs and such. Finally, my longing turned into this:

Me: I really would like to go to IKEA one of these days.

PHubby: Ok, um, how is that going to work with our vacation time?

Me: Well, hm. We can't really do it in a weekend can we?

PHubby: We'll have to take a Friday. Or a Monday. Hmm.

Me: Oh yeah. Maybe we can go... sometime in late July? Or in August?

PHubby: That might work.

Our nearest IKEA store is 325 miles away, in Bloomington, MN. That's the Twin Cities metro area, so there are tons of other things to do down there too. (Have you ever heard of a little place called... the Mall of America? That's in Bloomington, too.) Technically, we could drive down there, go to IKEA, and drive back in one day, but it would be a long day, and we figure we might as well do a few other things while we're in the largest metropolitan area within reasonable distance of where we live. Pink Hubby might like to see an iMax movie, for example. And I want some PF Changs. (You know you live in the boonies when the food you're craving is of the Big Chain-Restaurant 'Olive Garden Chinese' variety.)

So there you have it. Nothing like planning a shopping trip 5 months in advance. This is what happens when you 1) work 2) go to school and 3) live in a place largely untouched by most businesses (due to them having never heard of us).

Considering the money we'll have to spend for gas and hotel and food along the way, we probably break even buying the more expensive Pier One or Target-variety furniture and accessories. But with IKEA, it's the experience, right? And the 50 cent hot dogs.