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25 March 2010

indulging in frosting and sandwiches

I was asked...
What is your favorite indulgence? Or what do you do for just you?
Um... Nothing? Hmm. I really have to think about this, because there isn't a lot I do for just me. I don't really like shopping, nor do I usually have the time for it. I have never had a pedicure, and I only squeeze in manicures [acrylics] when I have a special event coming up and don't want anyone to see my nails (which are usually chewed down to the quick). The only thing I can think of that comes close is Friday nights. Whenever possible, Pink Hubby and I will reserve Friday night for just us. We watch netflix movies we have accumulated over the week, or episodes of whatever series we're currently working through. We eat junk food (i.e. pizza and chocolate). Other than that, an indulgence might be if I buy food for lunch (rather than zapping leftovers, as is my general strategy). Another thing that satisfies me is checking things off my to-do list. Is that relaxation? Not really, but it contributes to my overall stress-reduction, so I'm counting it. Gotta take what I can get.

Oh, but speaking of indulgences...
Since you have a huge love for buttercream, have you ever eaten JUST buttercream? Like put it in a bowl and gobble it up? :) I haven't been that drastic yet, but it's tempting to me.
Well of COURSE. Actually in high school, one of my good friends worked at a local grocery store as a cake-decorator. They frequently make mistakes while making roses and decorations out of frosting, and procedure was to just throw those away. There were times I'd go visit her after school, while she was at work, and she'd give me a BOWL of her MISTAKES. Omnomnomnomnom.

And another food question:
What is your perfect sandwich? (please list toppings!)
Ooooo. I'll have to go Cheese Steak on this. Basically, hot seasoned steak, cheese, and diced peppers & onions. I really don't like the big pepper and onion slices that are usually on a cheesesteak. On a sidenote, I have a running 'experiment' with the local Pita Pit stores. They never seem to know what's on their Pitas. 4 times now, I have ordered the CheeseSteak pita. They always ask me what I want on it and I always say to just put the 'recommended' items. (It really bugs me when I order a specific sandwich and the sandwich maker asks ME what the toppings are.) Anyway, each of the 4 times, it came with different stuff on it. Everything from different seasonings, to bean sprouts, to sliced pickles. Craaaaazy. Hah.

I also like a decent and fresh tuna salad and cheese sandwich on a croissant. Yummy.

*P.S. Even though I am no longer answering questions on a regular basis, I am still accepting new ones here. My ongoing plan is to answer them on this blog, whenever I have time, until the inbox is empty. Once it sits empty for a week, I'll disable it. Also, please note: I do skip around when answering questions. I promise I'll get to all of them. If you asked your question a while ago, it's not rejected; I just didn't feel like writing about it today.