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12 March 2010

mid-march in north dakota: a photowalk

All over the web I'm seeing news articles, advertisements and blog posts about spring. Beautiful spring with its green grass and warm sun and freshly-planted flowers a-poppin' out of the soil.

Well, I like to keep it real.

So ladies and gentlemen, I rebut with this.

dirty snowpile

bench peeking out of snow


boots in a puddle

picnic table in the snow


melting piles

hydrant in the slush

After four to five months of being pummeled by some of the nastiest winter weather in the U. S., it takes a little while to recover. We don't want it to melt too fast, or else we have to worry about flooding. Depending on the forecast, most of the snow ought to be gone by mid-April, and we should be able to plant our flowers by the end of May. For now, I'm more concerned with keeping my feet (and our basement) dry. We have also been known to get some pretty crazy snowstorms in March, though I have heard no predictions for that this year.

P.S. I took all of these photos with my neeeeew SD1100.