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14 March 2010

pink pink pink pink pink pink pink

You don't seem particularly girly from what I read on your blog. Do you consider yourself a girly-girl? Why all the pink? (Not that I don't like it.)

When I saw this question I was all "YAY!!!" I finally get to talk about pink! And my moniker. Woop!


I spent the majority of my life hating pink. My mother would always try to get me to wear it when I was a child, and I hated it. No pink! I like dirt! And toy trucks! And (later) cars! And tattoos! And black coffee! And triple cheeseburgers! And hard liquor! Pink. Make me vomit.

But then... I dunno. Something changed. I have always been a "boys' girl". No, not a hooker - I mean a tomboy I guess. I didn't play boys' sports or anything like that... but I pretty much have always gotten along much more smoothly with boys/men than with girls/women. So much drama. JFKM.

Anyway... if you hang out with boys, they tend to sometimes think you're a little too delicate. You're a whole different species of person, and they have to like... protect you. And explain manly things to you. Etc. It's not until you drop a couple of f-bombs in public and then beat them in a Reeses-eating contest that you can earn their respect.

And then you pretty much have to make sure they know they've just been pwned by a girl.

Enter the pink helicopters. A few years ago I was playing a game called Command and Conquer Generals with Pink Hubby, his little brother, and his friend. So: all dudes (and one an impressionable young teen-aged dude). It's a war game where you build up troops and supplies and advanced weaponry skillz and then you fight and stuff. Each player's dudes are decked out in a color of their choice. You choose the color when you start the game. The guys chose manly colors like Blue and Red, but what was I to choose? Pink, that's what.

I was gonna beat the shit out of the enemy with marines and tanks and fighter jets decked out with bubblegum pink stripes.

What I ended up doing was actually finding a way to build up a force of hundreds of fighting pink helicopters. They weren't the strongest weapon on their own, but in a huge force like I had, they were pretty much unstoppable. I ended up using them to pretty much wipe the playing field of all enemies, including sending them to help my teammates' forces. So my mission was accomplished: Pink Hubby, his friend, and his little bro found themselves needing assistance from a massive army of angry pink helicopters. Which of course saved the day.


It was around that time that I started this blog, so I figured that "pink helicopter" was a good a name as any.

It wasn't until later that I found the Urban Dictionary definition of "pink helicopter". I'm not linking it here. you go look it up if you're so inclined. I'll wait.

Uh. Yeah.

Because of the U.D. definition, Pink Hubby asked me last night whether I had considered changing my online nickname. And, I guess I don't know. Sure, I suppose I've considered it. It wouldn't be that hard to change - it's not related to my URL or blog title - at all. (That was on purpose. I'm capricious, what can I say?) But I also use it a lot to comment in various places, etc. Maybe if everyone just goes over to urban dictionary, we can check "No" enough times to make that *other* definition disappear. Would you change yours if you found out that it also means -- um -- something ELSE? Hrm. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, as far as pink in general... I guess I kind of like it now! For a while (after the video game), I was all "PINK _____" whenever I found something manly and pink. (PINK gun! PINK snowmobile! PINK tractor!) So for a while it was kind of an irony thing. Like "hey, Imma put pink all over my blog because it totally looks ridiculous!" Then I realized I kind of liked some of the pink stuff. I have a few pink items of my own now, including a pink flashlight, a pink thumb drive, and a pink audio recorder. Oh, and I also write on pink legal pads at work. hehe.

Which kind of leads me to a related question...

Does Pink hubby like the nickname Pink Hubby? Or would he prefer another color, like Blue, Taupe, or Burnt Sienna?

I asked him, just now. He said he's fine with it. Doesn't bother him. I guess he's secure in his masculinity. :-)
If anyone's not quite fine with it, it'd be me. Mainly for convenience purposes. I can't abbreviate his nickname to PH. We're BOTH PH. If I were to change my moniker (and I still want your opinions on that), I'd change both of ours, and would make sure the initial(s) were different.

Why not just use our real names? I'll talk about *that* later this week.

*P.S. Even though I took down the "February formspring" feature on my sidebar, I'm still accepting questions here. My ongoing plan is to answer them on this blog, whenever I have time, until the inbox is empty. Once it sits empty for a week, I'll disable it. Also, please note: I do skip around when answering questions. I promise I'll get to all of them. If you asked your question a while ago, it's not rejected; I just didn't feel like writing about it today.