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01 March 2010

varied weekend

It was a really productive weekend, in spite of us both having lotsandlotsandlots of homework, and my having to go to a party on Saturday. A Pampered Chef party! I came home with this.


It's a cake that they made in the microwave. They mixed up normal cake batter and put it in this stoneware bundt pan. Then, they dolloped a can of chocolate frosting on top of the uncooked batter, and microwaved the whole thing for 13 minutes. Bam, awesome cake came out of there, pre-frosted and everything. Pink Hubby looooooooooooooved it. If anyone can tell me how to make this kind of thing without spending $33 on a bundt pan, I'm all ears. Can I follow the same steps, 'cept cook it in the oven in a normal $5 bundt pan from Target? Pink Hubby will love you forever if you share.

Speaking of PHubby, he brought me flowers!



I put them on the microwave. So pretty!!

They so pretty

He also brought me cotton candy, which is awesome. Did I mention that the whole bucket is 50 calories? *that* didn't last long.

Cotton candy

And, Pink Hubby decided he wanted to drink him some Whiskey, so we bought some. He wanted this one but we were unable to find it in the local liquor stores we tried. So, we bought these two instead:

Let'er Buck

Pretty, right? I like the Pendleton one better. I picked it out in the store 'cause I have a friend who's from Hood River. I was like "OOOO gotta buy it!" And yep, it's good stuff. Not to trash the Maker's Mark though. As the guy in the store said: "can't go wrong with Maker's Mark." I just like the Pendleton a little better.

Also, I almost forgot! Our new bed came in. Check it out in this grainy high-ISO photo. I promise to take better photos when we have a rug and nightstands in the room.

Our new bed

Oh and additionally, it was Tiberius' birthday on Sunday. More on that tomorrow.

Rusty Birthday

ANDDDD lookie here!

My new purse camera

I'll talk about them soon, too. Promise.