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16 April 2010

27 in pictures

A while back, someone asked me if I would consider doing another "365 days" project. Four years ago, I started (and finished!) a 365-days-project. No: it's not online anymore, sorry. I don't even have most of the photos I took for it anymore. Poor file management: don't let it happen to you!

What is a 365-days-project, you ask? Well (to severely date myself, trend-wise), I was one of the original 500 members of this group. Back then, it was so small that you would actually notice if someone forgot to post their shot for the day. Now it's huuuuge and I have no clue who anyone is. But anyway, the goal is this: take, edit and post one self-portrait every day for a whole year. 365 days of self-portraits. It's quite a challenge! I joined up and I completed the entire year (all of this was under a different username than I have now). That project majorly improved my self-portraiture (and camera-balancing!) skills, that's for sure.

For the past several months, I have been thinking about doing it again. I figured I'd start on January 1: an easy day to remember. But then I forgot and decided I might as well wait until my birthday.

Today I turn 27, and today I am introducing the new feature.

Each day of my 27th year, I will be taking a photo and posting it to the Project 365 group on Flickr. Notice that this is not a self-portraits group. That doesn't mean there won't be any self-portraits; I'm just not as interested in them as I used to be. They are time-consuming and motivationally-stressful.

Where do you, my blogging friends come in? I'll also be posting them all right here. Not every day, but often. And I'll tag them with 'photos of 27'.

Here's the first one.

i need to hang a photo or something

This is a wall in my office. I look at it all day. I am even looking at it today, at work, on my birthday. (Even though a birthday is just another day, I dislike having to work on mine!) I have plans to put a big framed photo on this wall... but I haven't done it yet.